Monday, August 6, 2012

Online Education Database - 50 Essential Links - Gifted Children

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I had recently received a link to an article which I think is invaluable
for the parents of gifted children...and, actually, for all parents  
wishing to have their children performing at the gifted level. 

You must remember...
Inherent Intelligence just gives a head start.

Acquired Intelligence through intelligently applied effort
is what makes all the difference in the long run.

So many of these resources are what my wife had used in helping us 
seek out opportunities for Alex.

Click on the below link to go directly to this wonderful conglomeration of valuable links...
each of which could prove to be just the vehicle to catapult your children to excellence
(and, as always...I receive no compensation for any recommendations I make...
or for that matter...anything associated with my Blog).

Below is a direct capture of a description of the linked page.

All parents would be well advised to take a few moments to peruse
the educational smorgasbord of support available through the links.

Our children are dependent upon our guidance to accelerate them
beyond that which is provided by society.

They are in direct competition for limited slots of preferred professions...
of dream jobs where they may receive life changing compensation 
for performing in the fields which they have a passion for.

It is in the preparation that war is won.

Make no mistake about it...
our children are to engage in intellectual combat...
in an ever increasing world arena...
the outcome of which will determine their path for much of their lives.

To arm them with educational opportunities is to outfit them
with the finest armor, weapons, and tactics...
so they may ride to victory.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link. It's always good to learn about resources like these.

  2. My wife knew of these already...hopefully they may be helpful to others.


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