Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book In Review: 25 Real Life Math Investigations

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I just bought Alex this book.
It is currently on his nightstand.
His mother is reading it with him as part of his bedtime ritual.
Alex really enjoys this book... as it demonstrates real life mathematical applications.

While it is expensive (approximately $25.00 on Amazon)...
it is unique as it provides a motive to understand math.

It goes into real life situations demonstrating how Statistics and Math
are often manipulated to the public's detriment.

Although it is almost 400 pages in length...
most of the pages are sparsely printed with text and are filled with large animations.

It is very easy to read and understand...that is what should be remembered.

this book is NOT about teaching people mathematics...
it is about how to apply math in everyday life.

It gives reasons why the understanding of numbers is so important...
and demonstrates how the lack of understanding of numbers and how they are used...
and so often, misused, can negatively affect your life.

This book should prove to be very interesting for Junior High Students.

With a reason to learn see how it is applied in real life...
I think many children will become far less reluctant to at least understand 
mathematical they then see it as a way to protect themselves...
and their future families.

I will pick out some titles of the chapters to give you an idea as to the content.
To do otherwise...would make this article too long.

1)  The Nightmare Of Payday Loans

3)  Media Math Mistakes

8)  Be Careful When You Rent To Own

9)  Lawmakers Make Math Mistakes

11)  The Power Of Algebraic Thinking

14)  Sometimes Probabilities Can Fool You

18)  Intriguing Math And Science Questions

19)  How People Lie With Statistics

20)  The Power Of Interest Rates And Money

22)  Trigonometry For Those Who Never Understood It

23)  The Mathematics Hidden Within Music

25)  Prices Were Really Cheap When My Parents Were Young!
Or Were They?

For Alex...
I think that he loves how it reaffirms the importance of math in life.

For those children who don't particularly like math...
it provides reasons and motivation to wish to explore math...
and to genuinely understand the concepts so as to be able to navigate
life without falling prey to the various scam artists who prey upon the ignorant.

This book teaches the importance of intellectual self defense...
it motivates children to learn the importance of numbers in their lives...
it is written and presented in a very digestible form...
it is actually a very interesting and fun read.

For these reasons...
I think the price is justified.

this is Alex's bedtime leisure reading book...
and he is enjoying it tremendously.


  1. Sounds like a great book. I will keep it in mind for my son.

  2. is fun to read as well as being quite informative.


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