Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alex's Return To School

Song:  In The Mirror

Artist:  Yanni

Alex has been excited about going back to school for some time now.

My wife begins her day by getting Alex ready for school...and driving him there.
Afterwards she does her shopping...before the stores get crowded.

My day begins when I pick him up from school.

As P.E. is an elective...
and he had chosen to take an extra math class instead...
I will have him do physical training right after home
(I will make another article on his specific training).

After his daily training...
he will shower and eat a light meal...
and then it is to the dinner table to do his homework.

I will be checking through his studies to ensure understanding of the material...
and then he will do more supplemental math training on the computer
(Thinkwell (Pre-Calculus) and Alcumus).

He usually studies until it is time to eat (usually at around 8 P.M.)...
then we try to give him an hour of free time before his bedtime ritual of 
reading and comprehension practice with his mother.

Alex on his way to the car for his first day back at school.

Alex's mother said that the whole front of the school was crowded with parents
dropping off their children for their first day back at school...
so she had to drop Alex off a block away.

Alex at home reviewing the handouts from his school.

Alex will have one math class with his honors 7th grade class 
(a review class of Algebra)...
one math class with the 10th graders for more advanced review (Geometry)...
 and his last math class (daily) is his competition math preparation class
(they will be going over advanced concepts and practicals for competition).

He will also be attending an after school math club.
As it won't start for a few weeks... we are unsure of the after school schedule.

So he will be taking Math...Math...Math...
English...Social Studies...Science...
and after school...Math.

Alex is excited about his schedule.

I think this review will be good for him as he occasionally makes 
some careless errors...even in Algebra.

With these courses...he should develop a solid bedrock of unshakeable knowledge
from which he may spring forth to even greater heights than he would have without.

We had wanted him to take a computer programming class...
and perhaps a foreign language class...
but because of a conflict of scheduling...
well...he has plenty of math :)


  1. It is so nice that Alex has been excited about going back to school. A computer programming class would be good for him, but he is still young... there will be plenty more chances for that.

  2. Yes...Alex was wanting to do that course...but hopefully next year he will be able to. He does have a lot of time. Soon he will be rounding out his education...but for now...he is getting a solid it is fine.

  3. I am so impressed with his stamina! We constantly work to develop a tolerance for increased challenges. We are currently working through a stage where he is put off by activities he considers too challenging; however he feels pride once he does! The determination and dedication that is shown in this article is inspiring!!

  4. He is a dedicated student. He initiates and completes his assignments...usually without guidance. I am usually there to explain concepts or to help organize his material. What I do with challenging material is to break it down into its basic components and have him do them one by one...pure repetition...not moving forth until mastery of it is complete. Simply continue to break down a subject until understanding is achieved...then move on to the next component.


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