Sunday, August 19, 2012

Alex's Funny Attempt At Cool Water Acclimation

Song:  What Is Life

Artist:  George Harrison

What is life?

To enjoy watching your child doing silly things
 is certainly one of the things in life which makes it so rich.

We went to another neighborhood community pool (15 min away).
This one had a larger pool...with a sectioned off diving pool at the end.
We will use this pool occasionally...especially when Alex starts using the diving boards.

Our mainstay pool is going to be another indoor neighborhood pool.
We had found a different one from the first indoor pool.
This new one is specially heated to 86 degrees....year round.
I will look forward to using it when there is snow outside.

It is also open every Saturday.  
Every Saturday will be Alex's swimming day...
year round.  

This water was at about 65-70 degrees...
so Alex took about 10 minutes to acclimate himself to the water before finally swimming.

He took several minutes just getting in.
He was so funny.  He tried to go down the ladder...
then he got back out.....first forwards...then backwards...
trying again and again...going a little farther in each time.
He hates cold water.

Alex walked slowly toward deeper water...

just a little at a time...dreading the cool water on his torso...until...

finally success  :)

I had actually wanted to make diving straight in and getting it over with
a metaphor for life...however...he would have countered that going at one's long as one continually goes also a valid metaphor...
and he would have been I hadn't even attempted it  :)

They also have a smaller toddler pool.

Alex loves the feeling of floating in water.  

Listening to epic orchestral music on my iPod while lounging poolside.

What is life?  

Enjoying watching my son enjoy himself...
just another great example.


Today's swim for Alex was recreational.
We allowed him to just enjoy the water as he pleased.

Starting next Saturday...
I will be teaching Alex various strokes to get him to be able to swim
to safety in case of a waterborne mishap while we canoe the lakes in the future
(he will also have a life vest on at all times).

I will teach him a basic survival swim used by the military for long distance 
cold water travel.  It utilizes a back float...frog kick...and minimal degree arm flexion...
like a squid.  This will conserve both energy and heat...both necessary to stave off
hypothermia...and allowing a slower...but longer distance capability in temperate to cold
ocean waters while being moderately clothed
(I will go into this stroke...and the clothing adjustments necessary...
 in greater detail in a later article).

While swimming for Alex is enjoyable...
for me... it is more than just exercise and fun for him.

One of my main responsibilities as a father is the safety and security of my family.
I know of the many dangers that life may throw our way.

For each of our swims in the future...
I will be with him in the pool...and we will go over a particular swim lesson
for 30 - 45 minutes...and he may then free swim for another 45 minutes to an hour.

Later today...
I am going to photograph Alex completing his revised exercise schedule
with the home gym I have set up in a portion of our garage.

As he has no P.E. at school this year...
I will have him exercising every day at home
(with one day a week at the pool)...
more on this in my next article.


  1. I really don't like going into cold water either, so I can understand Alex's tentative approach. :) Though, sometimes it is better just to get in quickly and start getting used to it!

    Glad to see Alex, and you, having a nice, relaxing time at the pool. I'm glad you found some nice pools in the area. I know you will do a great job with the survival swim lessons!

  2. Alex is really looking forward to the new indoor pool. It has much warmer water! I also look forward to swimming with Alex.

  3. My boy loves water too! He is hesitant and feels very apprehensive when laying on his back...very vulnerable.
    We went swimming today and he was full of joy!

  4. For Alex...this is one of his favorite positions in the water. Swimming is like flying...especially when you swim underwater. It is freedom from gravity. Buoyancy makes you feel free...and the water feels soothing. I think that is what appeals so much to children.


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