Sunday, August 5, 2012

Alex With His Grandmother And Aunt - Mammoth Mountain

Song:  A Place In Heaven

Artist:  Thomas Bergersen

Mammoth Mountain is but a few hours away from home.
Although we had just come back from there last week...
it is such a great place to visit...
we were glad to go again.

Alex got excited when he learned of our return visit to Mammoth Mountain.

My elder sister, and I, had discussed many subjects on the drive up...
and yes...we had solved all of the world's most pressing problems
in just a few hours time  :)

My mother, who is deathly afraid of heights...
really enjoyed herself on both gondola rides and atop both mountains.

Although there was a weather warning atop the mountain...
we were able to enjoy ourselves before the heavy winds, rain, and lightning hit.

This is the highest land point my mother has experienced.
My sister, and my mother, very much enjoyed the high altitude.
The air felt so good.

We wanted to just eat lightly as we were going to have all you can eat Sushi
at the Atlantis Casino after we got back home.

Everyone had a great time here.
My sister is going to take her family back here to mountain bike down the mountain
in the future.  I am planning to take Alex down this mountain sometime in the next
couple of years...after he gets practice on a mountain bike on smaller hills first.

I was teaching my mother how to play Keno while we waited for a table
at the Sky Terrace Sushi Bar.

My sister, and I, were discussing world politics...
and the fallacies of Marxist philosophy (fine)...
and then I started getting a little loud as I discussed about how Marxist
viewpoints have been polluting some mindsets in both parties in American politics...
until I noticed I was disturbing some people in another table (not so good  :)
I tend to forget where I am when I get excited about a certain debate :)

The Sky Terrace stays open (Fri - Sat) until Midnight...we just took our time.
We had stuffed ourselves with as much Sushi as we could handle.
We ended up waddling back to the car :)

The next day the sky was clearer...
and we headed out to one of my favorite restaurants...
the Naan and Kabab (Mediterranean).

(I am not really so arrogant as I appear in this picture)

I was discussing something of great importance (at least...important in my mind) :)
(yes...I am one of those guys :)

We had feasted on a great meal...
we drove back home...
and my sister and my mother had to pack up and return to California...
as my sister had to work the next day.

A picture of my mother, my elder sister, me, and my younger sister...
sometime in the mid to late 1960s.

My elder sister is the only one in our family
who's hair remained dark over the years....amazing  :)

My mother and my younger sister (and perhaps my elder sister too)
should be returning in the Autumn...
so I may take them to see the Fall colors on nearby mountains.

We all had a great time together...
and Alex loved seeing his Aunt and Grandmother.

Alex is excited to know that he will be seeing them once again soon.
Alex is always ready to have more high country adventures.

With the prospect of sharing the adventures with his close relatives...
he is even more excited than ever.


  1. How fantastic that you were able to visit Tahoe and Mammoth with your mother and sister. Sharing experiences with family is a wonderful thing, and will build great memories for Alex. I am envioius of the fabulous all-you-can-eat meals that you had. I'd go for more crab legs as well.

    And, your mom looks great!

  2. Thanks...I will relay your comment to my mother...she will be happy. I am looking forward to them visiting in the Autumn. Fall colors and more all you can eat restaurants for them is planned. Alex is excited at the prospect. My mother and sister were surprised at how affectionate Alex was to them. He kissed and hugged them many times while they were here. It was a very good vacation for all.


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