Sunday, August 5, 2012

Alex With His Grandmother And Aunt - Lake Tahoe

Song:  Heart

Artist:  Thomas Bergersen

My mother and my elder sister came to visit for a few days this week from California.

After a good night's sleep...
 we went to Lake Tahoe to ride a gondola
up to the observation point for a panoramic summer view of Lake Tahoe.

This was the same fountain which was frozen over on our last trip here in late winter.

At the observation point.

The cafe at the observation point was open and we decided to enjoy
a refreshing drink before heading back down.

One last picture before our drive to the north side of Lake Tahoe.

We stopped at an observation point above Emerald Bay...
on the West side of Lake Tahoe.

My mother had bought the walking stick from the Mountain observation point
as a souvenir.  

The air was just right...
and there was a light breeze blowing.

We made our way along the North shore and caught a highway leading home.
As home was just a short drive...we relaxed a little bit...
and we then went out to the Atlantis Casino...
to have an all you can eat Seafood Buffett.

This plate was just the first of many for me.
Although I had eaten many shrimp on ice and smoked trout...
all of my subsequent plates were filled with crab claws on ice.

My elder sister (Linda) eating her fill of crab. 

Alex trying a crab shell cutter for the first time...
and yes...I had gotten sunburned...again
(even with sunscreen).

We had walked around the inside of the Atlantis Casino for a little bit...
and then headed home.

Alex giving his grandmother a big hug.

We had to turn in early for an early start the next day...
as we were going to Mammoth Mountain.

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