Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alex Awarded by Belin-Blank Exceptional Talent Search

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We have just received word from the Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education
and Talent Development of Alex's achievement in their talent search program as a 
result of his test scores in the Explore test he had taken in October of last year.

This test was a last minute requirement for another goal we had lined up.
Alex had taken this test special preparation.

As Alex had been strictly home schooled for almost 2 years prior to this test...
it is a testament to the efficacy of my wife's choices of learning programs
and of her constant tutelage...ensuring Alex had grasped the concepts
of his subjects.

I cannot give enough praise to the Thinkwell Math and Alcumus programs...
and to the Plato learning programs, as each has helped him tremendously.
My wife has also always researched the best supplemental texts
and computer courses for Alex (as described in previous articles).

In order to take the Explore Test as a 6th grader rather than the 8th - 9th graders
it was designed for...we had to register him for the talent search.

We had to demonstrate that he was at least in the upper 5% of his grade to take it.

Of those top 5% gifted students whom had taken it...
Alex scored in the top 1%...
earning him a special certificate from the talent search.

He is eligible to attend the award ceremony...
however, as it is during the school year...
and as it is over 1,600 miles away...
we simply cannot make it.

They will be sending him his certificate later this year
(we were planning to attend it...however, I had thought it was going to be in summer).

Alex has improved dramatically since taking the Explore test.

We have been working on his Critical Reading and Essay skills.

Alex loves taking tests to see where he stands academically...
and to find any weak areas so he may improve in them.

He knows that in order to excel in life...
he has to keep up on his study habits.

Alex is looking forward to the start of the school year.
He likes his school, the teachers, the students, and the challenges
he receives through his school.

We are all looking forward to seeing greater growth in Alex
as the school year progresses...and as always...
we will be there next to him to help guide him... as a team...
Team Alex.


  1. Congratulations to Team Alex! Awesome achievement!

  2. Thank you. This was the test which qualified him to test for Davidson last year. His SAT qualified him for this coming year's testing.

  3. Actually it's "outstanding score" as the score report said. Awesome!

  4. Thank you. My son gets rejuvenated by his test results. They are the tangible result of his study habits.

  5. How wonderful!! You must all feel proud of the work that you have done as a family!! I am amazed at your son's own desire to test well and see his accomplishments! It is great that he is so motivated!

  6. Yes...most of his academic instruction had come from his mother. I had only just retired last year and so I have only recently taken over his tutoring on his subjects in school (except Math). My wife does his holiday and summer vacation supplementary work.


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