Friday, July 20, 2012

Alex's Math Camp Experience

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Artist:  (Miyagi) Tiger Tanaka

We picked up Alex at his mountain condo.

Alex had the typical display of nonchalance on his face...
but it quickly melted into a big smile and hug for mama as she approached him.

Alex had just come from miniature golfing with his camp mates.

As we drove home...
we had Alex tell us all about his experience there.

He told us of his group hike to Eagle Lake and Falls.
He said he had enjoyed it very much.

As Alex didn't have a camera with him...
I had gotten these off of Google images.

These are of Eagle Lake and Falls.

This is of Eagle Lake Falls with Lake Tahoe in the background (Google Images).

Alex said that his favorite activity while at the camp..
was the advanced math practice.

He said they had gone over various math competition exercises and tests.

Of course, it was a Math Camp...
but I thought he would especially love the outdoor experience...
and the freedom of being away from home in a new environment.

Although he was comfortable...
and he liked everyone there...
Alex missed home and his regular routine.

Alex also likes his solitude.

After his studies...
unless we have something planned...
he gets his free time to fully enjoy as he pleases.

He loves going to his spot on the sofa 
(it is reserved just for Alex as he has earned his own area through his efforts)...
and free reading or playing his apps on his iPad.
  He usually props up his pillow and stretches out in full comfort.

He is our prince...
and that is his throne :)

Alex loves quiet surroundings...
a place to recharge...
away from any stimuli.

That was what Alex had missed the most at the camp.
He was always around others and had missed his time alone.

At home...
it is almost always very quiet.

The TVs are in the bedrooms so as to not prove a distraction
to Alex in the main living quarters.

We keep the volume low on the TVs so they cannot be heard beyond the bedrooms...
and music is listened through headphones.

The only real disturbance in our household is when my wife, and I, argue.
I just wish I had a volume control on least on my wife  :)

Alex said he talked to many of the children there...
had watched a couple of movies...
had played some board games...
but he talked mostly of the math practice.
That is what he said he had really enjoyed the most.

The teachers there had led them well.
Alex said there was no arguing or ill feelings.

They had kept the boys together and ensured that they were
never wandering off alone.  They were always in groups 
and were always led by an adult.

Later that night...
we went out to a local Sushi restaurant.
We then let Alex just enjoy his favorite spot on the sofa with his iPad.

Overall, the math camp was a good experience for Alex.

Being able to fully function in the world is important.

This was a good first step...
a taste of semi-independent interaction with the world.

We plan to send him to other such camps in the future.

Next week we will be going high country camping.
Although it is our plan to go to a particular place (10,000 ft. level)...
the campgrounds are first come...first serve.

As it is still peak season...we may not get a spot.
Should we not, I have some contingency plans.
Either way...we should still be in high country (8,000 - 10,000 ft.).

Our family loves the high country and the great experiences to be had there. will be time, once again, to create some magical memories for Alex.


  1. Wow! Sounds like a very successful experience! You should be feeling so proud...I bet Alex is proud of himself!

    I love where you call him your prince! We feel the same way about our son. He tells us that he will never leave home because it is where he is most comfortable ;)

  2. Yes, he appreciates home even more :) Alex had really enjoyed the most important part of the camp...the math. That made the whole camp worth while.

  3. As an introvert, I find it hard to adapt to situations when I can't have some time to myself. So, I can where that might have been challenging for Alex. But it sounds like he did really well. And while he enjoyed the math part the best, I'm sure he is better off for having gone through the entirety of the experience, perhaps especially the parts he did not enjoy as much.

    Wow, Eagle Lake and the falls are stunning. And I am sure you will give him more great experiences further exploring the high country. I can't wait to hear about it!

  4. Yes, I, too, love my solitude. I am proud of Alex. I know he feels uncomfortable in crowds. He also knows that he will need to adapt to his surroundings...and the reasons we had sent him to the camp. He was proud of operating independently...and he knows there will be more to come...but he loved being back home.

    Yes, he came back better for having gone. If for not anything else...he appreciates home even more.


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