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Alex's Love Of Teaching - Creation Of Instructional Papers

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Alex receiving his at home ABA therapy when he was 5 yrs. old.
He was in Kindergarten at the time of these first three pictures.

After getting home from school...
Alex had ABA therapy in our upstairs classroom we had set up at home.

Alex's teachers often communicated among one another
using ABA technical language in front of Alex...
as they had to coordinate their lesson plans as they worked together or when they
had to brief each other at shift change.

Alex, like almost all children, was very observant...to that which interested him.
He used to listen to what was said and he would look at the teacher's manuals 
and notebooks when he could.  

He always wanted to know what they had written about him. 

 Even now, he loves to keep track of his latest test scores and grades...
during the school year...and on a daily basis...online.

One of Alex's favorite things to do was, and is, to write instructional papers 
on his interests. 

Alex had written this instructional paper when he was 5 yrs. old (as if he were a teacher)
on one of his ABA tasks that he was learning at the time.

He would usually do this during his free time after his teachers had gone home...
and before dinner time.  He would just love to write about his interests in an 
instructional manner.  He has a natural inclination towards teaching.

As he was still in Kindergarten...his punctuation and vocabulary was a little off. 
 He made a mistake using the word "unusually"...
when he had meant "sometimes".  

Although his punctuation, in general, was good...
he had forgotten to close the parentheses and the sentence behind the final parentheses
(one period instead of two periods).

It was especially funny because he used the same terminology on his paper 
as he had heard his teachers use during his ABA therapy.


Just recently...
my wife was looking through one of Alex's free writing note books...
and had found that he had written his own SAT practice test.

Alex had made up his own questions and had provided the options to choose from...
just as in a real SAT.

Alex has always been a great source of pride...
as well as amusement.

The things he sometimes does is just so him.

This is what makes him so pure hearted.
He does things with a sincere heart...
that which is true to him.

He knows that when you aren't phony...
you have no fear of being "exposed"...
and so...you have no fear of being yourself.

When you have no fear of being yourself...
you may live true to yourself.

Although Alex is still young and inexperienced in life...
I am confident...because he is a keen observer in life...
that he will come to see that pure hearts attract pure hearts.

People naturally see a reflection of themselves in the people they choose to be around.

Alex doesn't try to impress people with a facade.
He knows that phony people are impressed with facades...
and that genuine people see genuine actions...
and highly value them.

He also knows that to have but a few genuine people in his life...
is by far, the greater way of living...
rather than having many shallow... insincere people in his circle.

How do I know he knows this?

Because it makes sense mathematically.

He knows that there are only so many free hours in a day...
and that time would have to be split among the number of friends one has.
The greater the number...the shallower the friendships must be.

He also knows that while the quantity of quality matters...
if one must sacrifice one or the other...
quality must always reign supreme.

Just as in a test...
it is not in how many questions you answer...
but in how many you get correct.

what do I see in Alex's propensity to teach?

It is a pure and giving heart that wishes to give of itself to others.

This is what makes me most happy about his many instructional papers.
It is not because of his advanced thinking processes.
It is not so much the correctness of his instructional papers.
It is in the reflection of his pure heart that lies behind his drive to produce
his instructional papers that makes me so happy.

A pure heart knows the true depth of happiness in life...
and that...most of all... is what I want for my son... Alex.


  1. This is my favorite post of all! I love the "stop" at the bottom of the test page ;)
    He is so lucky to have a Dad like you! Bright, determined and able to see the positive in
    Alex and his gifts! I wish all parents had this type of support ;)

    1. My wife laughed at the stop sign...those types of things are so Alex :)
      Thank you...however, we are the ones who are so fortunate to have a son such as him.

  2. It will be interesting to see where Alex's passion for teaching goes from here. It is nice to see that he is maintaining his pure heart, even as he gets older.

    1. I think Alex will always have that inner drive to teach. I think that because he so loved his ABA teachers that he wishes to, somehow, become like them. Alex is so gentle in nature...we are hopeful that his teenage years will be relatively smooth.

  3. When you have no fear of being yourself...
    you may live true to yourself.

    I am happy to meet these words.


  4. Thank you...and welcome back Maggie - Toto. :)


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