Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alex At Wild Island Water Park

Song:  Theme from The Young and the Restless
a.k.a. - Cotton's Theme
a.k.a. - Nadia's Theme

Composers:   Barry DeVorzon and Perry Botkin jr.

Alex said he wanted to go to a water park.

After his studies...
we took him to Wild Island Water Park.

This is a water park that has graduated thrill levels...
from preschoolers to adults.

This was Alex's first time at a water park.

We wanted Alex to be able to navigate his way around the park...
to make choices as to which rides to go on and to choose the appropriate
equipment to take to the particular slide (some used particular tubes, some none...
one used a mat).

Alex loved the water park.

Although he still needs practice observing his surroundings
and picking up on the cues which will supply him the necessary information
to make appropriate choices...we are having him operate more independently
each time we go out.

He did very well, considering we hadn't allowed him much freedom to make his own 
choices in the past.  We simply had to ensure he was paying more attention to his 
surroundings first.

He went down all of the slides without fear...
his voice is much lower than just a year ago...
he is making his own choices 
and he is navigating through his surroundings without much difficulty.

It is bittersweet.

Bitter because...
while he is maturing well...
it brings him closer to my great fear of having him
learn to drive one day.

Although we will prepare him well before he starts driving on his own...
it is still my greatest dread.

It is sweet because...
I see him growing into a very fine human being.
He will always be that pure hearted child I had seen grow up...
A very sweet disposition.

 We finished off the night by going to our favorite Sushi restaurant...
The Sky Terrace Sushi Bar
(between the pillars)
at the Atlantis Casino.

As a parent...
It is always such a pleasure to take my son to new places.

I love to see the excitement in his eyes.
I also get greatly amused by some of his questions...
or by watching some of his reactions to new sights or situations.

When he gets a certain quizzical look on his face...
I know what he is thinking.  It is just so entertaining
to hear his explanations as to why he thinks certain things are
the way they are.

He is still so innocent in his views.

While he is still childlike (pure and innocent)...
he is not childish.

It is something I hope he never loses.

It is the same way with almost all parents, I am sure.

Their child shall always be that pure hearted 6 year old in their minds...
no matter how old they get.

I also hope that never changes with me.


  1. That is great that Alex was able to make independent choices, and have such fun on his first visit to a water park. It looks like a nice park, by the way, one with more slides that my son might enjoy than the park near our house.

    I know what you are saying about the feeling of seeing your child grow up. Although sometimes it feels like our son will never mature, I know it will probably happen all too quickly. I know I will, in part, always see my son as the pure-hearted little boy you speak of.

    1. Alex really enjoyed himself. I thought he would have been more shy around so many children...but the draw of adventure was so strong...he just blended right in without hesitation. It was so good to see as he will be starting his 5 day Math Camp this Saturday. Alex is feeling more free to explore his world...without anxiety. is now our turn to feel anxiety as he enters the world :)

  2. This post was amazing! I felt your emotions-especially love and pride about your son! My favorite picture (although there are many great shots) is the two of you walking hand in hand ;)
    Beautiful, thought-provoking!

    1. Thank you. It is funny...although he is getting to the age that he feels a little embarrassed to walk hand in hand with his father (only when around other children his age)...and I see he hesitates before looking around (which is good...he is more aware of others and his surroundings)..he still grabs my hand as we walk. After the initial look around...he is happy once again. It feels so comfortable to him as we have always walked hand in hand all his life. I will miss this so much as he grows...I am enjoying it for as long as I can :)


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