Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alex At Summer Math Camp - Lake Tahoe

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 Alex is at the Coral Academy of Science Math Camp for 5 days.

We had just dropped him off today.
This is to be his first time away from home.

We arrived at North Lake Tahoe in about one hour.
We were going to meet the Math Camp group at the condo rental office...
however, they were running late, so we decided to get something to eat at a nearby cafe.

This is the Cafe we had eaten at.

The weather was really nice...
and so we had chosen to eat al fresco.

We could see Lake Tahoe from where we sat at the cafe.

Alex at the mountain condo which will serve as the Math and Science Camp
base of operations (elevation approx. 6400 ft.)

The condo has three floors and balconies.

They will be studying advanced Math concepts for many hours a day here...
as well as having some nature walks and other outdoor activities.

When the other children had arrived...
I realized that Coral Academy's top math students were there.

Alex had one classmate there that he had recognized.
Most of the other children were High Schoolers.

There will be, of course, teachers staying at the condo to cook for the children...
to organize their daily activities...
and to teach them.

Alex with some of his fellow Math Camp mates.

Alex seemed excited to be there with the other children.

After dropping off Alex at his camp...
my wife, and I, decided to just take a quick look at the lake.

Tomorrow we will be going back up to drop off some of Alex's favorite types of 
food to eat...and to check to make sure everything is going well.

The teachers seem to have everything well in hand... last check on Alex on the second day should suffice.

(thwop...thwop....thwop....Yes, I know...helicopter parents to the rescue :)


  1. First time away from home is a huge milestone. Your worries are very understandable. But he seems to be in good hands. I know the experience will be a valuable one.

    1. We are heading up there in a few minutes. We will stop at a grocery store on the way. At the very least...we will know that he will have some food that we know he will like on hand...just in case. Our engines are reving up...we are ready for take off...thwop....thwop....thwop... :)

  2. This camp will be a precious experience for your son. I tried to recall my first time away from home, but I couldn't. It's nearly thirty years ago.

    Alex may be getting a little nervous now, but I hope he won't forget this precious experience.

    1. Yes...we know he will get so much from this experience. I still remember my 6th grade science camp..over 40 years ago. I loved it so much. I want Alex to get the same enjoyment...and so, we are going to drop off some food to ensure his enjoyment is unspoiled.


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