Monday, June 25, 2012

Alex Moving On To Pre-Calculus (Thinkwell)

Song:  Avant de Quitter ces Lieux

Composer:  Charles Gounod

Rendition:  Calikokatspiano

Alex officially finished his Thinkwell Geometry course...
and started the Thinkwell Pre-Calculus course today.

Alex is still studying Geometry in review through two other math courses.

It is not enough to do merely well.
He had made a few errors (mostly with proofs)...
so we will keep him reviewing until he is fully comfortable with the subject.

Alex tends to want to blaze through his courses.

He had only started Geometry a few months ago.

I would rather he simmer in the subject a bit longer...
until understanding is complete.


Alex also just finished the following book.

My wife always has him reading, one book after another...
to build his reading comprehension.

This particular picture comes from my wife's blog on Alex
(and so... the Japanese in it).

Alex loves reading interesting stories.

I think he likes Biographies, History...
and other non-fiction the most.

Other favorites of Alex's involves basic science.


After today's studies...
my wife took Alex to a nearby park
(they walked there).

They had walked down the street...

and up another...

passing THE sign which Alex said has always bothered him whenever we drove by.
It is crooked and he had often remarked how no one had fixed it.

Alex enjoying a swing set in the park.

This is a see saw.

Alex had enjoyed his time at this park...

he had seen this sign!

He got embarrassed and wanted to go back home   :)

He had a fun day.

When I had awakened...
I took him to a sports store to buy a few things with which we shall be using tomorrow.


  1. Amazing how quickly Alex finished the geometry course, though I understand how you feel about taking it a bit slower. My son sometimes just wants to keep moving on to the next level, when he really should slow down and learn better.

    The Human Body book looks like something my son would enjoy. I'll have to look for it at our local library.

  2. Yes, our main problem is reigning in Alex in his studies. His goal is to advance...I must keep stressing advancement is meaningless unless it is accompanied by mastery.

    I am sure Kai will love the human body book.

  3. Shiroi-You tell such a complete story when you include your wonderful pictures! It is clear that he is loved!

  4. Thank you. I, in particular, love taking pictures, music, and writing. This is a way to combine all three. As it is also a perfect way to document the life of our son...for our son later to look back upon...blogging is perfect. He will see through our dedication to deeply he was loved.


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