Friday, June 15, 2012

Alex At An Educational Symposium

Mathemagic originator:  Dr. Arthur Benjamin

Due to a non-disclosure agreement with the symposium's sponsor...
I cannot reveal the exact location...
date, time, or what the event entailed.

I can only say that Alex had met one of his favorite Math Professors there...
Dr. Arthur Benjamin - Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College
(Alex has his DVD courses from The Great Courses).

We had bought Dr. Arthur Benjamin's new DVD course at the Symposium.

Alex now has all three of his courses.

The first one we had bought for Alex was...

The Joy Of Mathematics.

The second one was...

Discrete Mathematics.

We now have his third...

The Secrets Of Mental Math.

Dr. Arthur Benjamin was very cordial...
and he was also very kind to Alex...
who was starstruck and, so, had acted a little shyly.

My wife asked Dr. Benjamin if she could take a picture of him with Alex.  
He readily agreed, and my wife took a couple of shots.

I only wish I could post them here...
but again, we cannot post anything from inside the facility...
or anything in detail about the event.

Alex has a total of four favorite Math Professors...
all of whom he greatly admires.

There is, of course...

Dr. Arthur Benjamin...the subject of this article.


Dr. Edward Burger...
whose great video math courses from Thinkwell
with which Alex has been studying at home (daily).


Richard Rusczyk...

One of the founders of The Art Of Problem Solving...
and Alcumus and a former Math Olympiad champion.

Alex regularly learns from Alcumus (daily).

Alex had attended one of Richard Rusczyk's seminars a couple of years ago.


Emre Gul

Alex's Math competition professor at his school 
(Coral Academy of Science).

Emre Gul noticed Alex's math skills and had placed him
on the school's math competition team just before the State finals...
whereupon Alex had placed in the top eight for Northern Nevada.

Alex really loves Mr. Emre Gul's teaching enthusiasm and style.
Alex says he has learned so much from him.

Emre Gul leading his Math Competition Club at the State Finals
(Alex is standing next to Emre Gul).

Alex really admires and looks up to all four of these great math teachers.

As Alex, one day, wishes to become a University Math Professor...
he has some great examples to learn from.


  1. It is nice that Alex has a math teacher at school that lives up to the high standards of the teachers he learned from digitally.

    We signed our son up for Thinkwell's two week free trial over his short break from school, and will likely subscribe to the full course (6th grade). He enjoys it so far.

  2. We have found Thinkwell to be superior in the teaching of math to Alex.

    All the staff have been so accommodating to Alex. The dean of students for the High School has high hopes for Alex.

  3. The video of Dr. Benjamin is fantastic. I think it's one of the great presentations in TED and, it reminds me of an anecdote of Srinivasa Ramanujan. I'm not good at math, but I like reading books about mathematician.

    Ramanujan was an Indian mathematician, and 1729 is called "Ramanujan number 1729." One day, his friend (he was also a mathematician) arrived at his apartment in a cab numbered 1729. He found that 1729=1^3+12^3=9^3+10^3. Ramanujan found it ON THE SPOT.
    I especially like this anecdote. Literally, it's a lightning calculation.

  4. I had asked my son if he had heard of Ramanujan. He said he hadn't...but that he would look him up now. Thank you for your anecdote.

  5. I believe that I watched the same TED talk with Dr. Arthur Benjamin as Qwerky and he was fascinating! What a wonderful opportunity for your son!
    Your pictures are beautiful!

    1. Thank you. To have seen this man in person, was a greatly exciting event for Alex. That alone was worth it to Alex. Now when he watches his videos...he will see more of the man behind the video.


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