Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vacation Schedule - A Day In The Life Of Alex

Song:  A way Of Life

Original Composer:  Hans Zimmer

Rendition:  Acuity 1980

As this is Alex's summer vacation...
he is on a vacation/weekend study schedule.

Although he still studies everyday...
we have him take things a little easier.

We generally cut back his schedule so that he only has about half
the amount of material to study.  

It generally takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to complete his daily formal studies 
on vacation schedule.

Alex first worked on the essay...
 the critical reading...
and then the math portion of a practice SAT.

We had found out that when Alex must take the whole SAT practice test
instead of just a portion at a time for time...
he has made some careless mistakes.

We think he gets a little mentally fatigued.

My wife is having him practice taking the whole test in one sitting
to build up his intellectual stamina.

Alex relaxing on the sofa while practicing his SAT vocabulary on his iPad.

As of lately, Alex has been concentrating on his SATs.

He takes his first real SAT this Saturday at a local High School.

We have noticed that he has been getting a little frustrated lately...
so we have eased up some on his schedule.

He has but a few more days until his testing...
so it is better to not burn him out mentally.

Because of this...
we decided to just keep him on his normal vacation study schedule (4-6 hours)
instead of going through a last minute mental marathon before this Saturday.

Alex relaxing during one of his study breaks.
He likes going in the backyard to play in the rocks.
He loves the fresh air and the mountain views.

After his break time...
he starts studying with renewed vigor.

After he had finished his studies...
he came into my room and brought in his new iPad.

Alex and I enjoy this one particular app (a role playing game) on the iPad.
I play the same game on my iPad and we are at similar areas in the game.

We talked of magic, mana, swords and dragons...
and tactics and treasures as we both played the game at the same time.

We laughed and enjoyed ourselves for a while...
and then we decided to go grab something to eat...
and then stop at a neighborhood park so Alex could enjoy himself with his EzyRoller.

This is another nearby park.
It is but 3 or so miles down the hill from our home.

They had these exercise stations there.  
Alex wanted to try some of them.

I have never seen this particular park ride before.
It is a roller mounted handle inside a 50' or so rail.
The child holds on and is pushed so he has a very smooth ride to the other end.

Alex had some fun today.
He still loves his EzyRoller.

As it sits low to the ground...
I think he likes the sensation of speed 
as he rounds corners or glides down hills.

We always try to give Alex balance in his daily life...
and something to look forward to.

we will be going to Pyramid Lake to picnic 
and have some fun with fireworks.


  1. Sounds like you are doing a good job monitoring Alex and keeping the pace at the right level in preparation for the SATs. At this point, there is probably little to be gained by a mental marathon. I am sure he will do well.

    That EzyRoller sure looks fun. And you have a great park to go to. I like that it is not crowded.

    1. There are a lot of small neighborhood parks nearby. We still have many to explore.

      We just gave Alex a break today after his studies. We went to Pyramid Lake. I will be posting about it in a short while.

  2. Parks in Tokyo are very small in general, and it's a little miserable. I think children are entitled to enjoy themselves in a spacious park.

    I often see children play football in a very small park. I always feel a little sorry for them.

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    1. Thank you. My blog is just my chronicling of my son's life. I write it using the basic features from Blogger. I do it to not only help other parents with children on the is a basic guide to life for my son when he becomes a parent sometime in the future. Welcome, and again, thank you for your generous comment.

  4. Parks are where children may feel freedom. There are many around here...and they are usually mostly empty.


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