Monday, May 14, 2012

Alex At The 6th Grade Olympiad

Theme Song From:  The Last Of The Mohicans

Alex walking to the staging area for the
2012 6th Grade - Coral Academy Of Science Olympiad.

Alex performing the "Hammer Throw".

Alex running the 100m (left yellow shirt)

Alex throwing the Javelin (plastic tube)

Alex doing the Long Jump

Alex Shot Putting (6lb medicine ball)

It was a fun day for Alex...
as well as a good learning experience.

He tried his little heart out.

He was originally only supposed to compete in 4 events...
however, he had asked if he could also participate in the Long Jump.

His teachers had put out a lot of effort in putting this event together.

There were a lot of 7th graders who were on the support staff for this event.
They had kept scores and had helped run the individual events.

Some parent volunteers had set up a Bar-B-Q for the students for lunch.

Alex had talked with some children while there.

It was good to see.

There are some children in Alex's class who like to talk math (Alex's favorite subject).

Alex finished his last paper for the school year shortly after getting home from this event.  

He had composed a short paper on how he had grown
 in all three major aspects of human growth...
as a result of his experience at the Olympiad.

Tomorrow he will be making a total of three presentations on his reports
(one each for - Social Studies / English / P.E.)
in addition to turning in his final reports.

It was a good day for us, as parents.

We could see Alex enjoying himself and socializing...
at least with some children.

We could see him trying his best...
and proffering no excuses when he hadn't won the events.

By putting forth his best effort...
he had conquered his fears...
he had conquered his ego...
he had conquered himself.

A true Zen victory.

The true meaning of being a warrior.


  1. Looks like a really great event. How nice that the school put together something that is both fun and educational, and that parents could be a part of it. I am sure you enjoyed seeing Alex socialize with other kids.

  2. Yes, Alex enjoyed being out there with the other children. Although I had gotten sunburned again...what the heck...seeing Alex enjoy himself was worth it (plus the fact that I must have gotten a weeks worth of Vitamin D from all of the exposure to the sun :)


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