Tuesday, May 22, 2012

iPad 3 For Alex / Reno - Center View Of The Annular Eclipse

Song:  You Are Not Alone

Artist:  Chris Haigh

Alex had gotten back the results of his reports...
all perfect scores...
which means that he is a 4.0 student
(more on this later...when we receive his actual end of year report card).

While we must await the mailed report cards to make it official...
we didn't have to wait to celebrate.

Alex has been doing such an exceptional job in his studies that we
just had to get him a special present.

Here we are at the Reno Apple store...
picking out an iPad 3 with 4G for Alex.

Alex uses his iPad for studying as well as for entertainment.

I gladly inherited his old iPad 2.

Alex deserves the newest iPad as he is doing all of the work.

On our way home, we stopped at a Whole Foods store.

This place was huge.

We bought a few things there.

I must say...
they had the absolute BEST peppered salami I've had in my life.

I bought half a pound, thinly sliced, per my request.

When we got home...
I had salami, fresh sourdough bread, some great aged cheese...
and a glass of wine to wash it all down.

Elephants just outside the store.

They also had an outdoor cafe where we had some of our purchased drinks
before our trip back home.

Alex at home opening his new iPad 3.

Reno was in the narrow band of 100% view of the Annular Eclipse.

This was the view from our backyard.

Although it didn't show up in this shot...
we saw the eclipse and how dim the surrounding landscape had become
during the eclipse.

Alex was more interested in his new iPad...
however, we had him in the backyard to experience this event.

Now he may say that he has seen at least one type of celestial event.

We have had three major ones in the past few months...

Alex has been studying his math at home
and in a week or so...
I will have him do some more essay work also.

But for the first week of his summer vacation...
he has earned a respite.

While he is still studying everyday...
it is just math right now.

We will be planning our family outings soon.

I will have Alex do much of the planning to get him used to 
everyday concerns including planning fuel, food, and rest stops.

I want to get him to be able to put together a complete travel itinerary...
a complete time table of events from start to finish...
so he will be able to plan for future events in his life. 


  1. Congrats to Alex! Very exciting the get the iPad 3, and very well deserved. Looks like you had a nice little outing... you are making me hungry for salami :)

  2. Alex works so hard every day. It is such a pleasure for us to be able to give him something that he enjoys.

    Let me tell you...this salami had just the right amount of black pepper on the outside...and it had just the right amount of vinegar on the inside. My salivary glands went into overdrive when I had bitten into these slices. We are going back for a few of our favorite items every so often. I will buy a pound of the salami next time. I think they used extra vinegar to make the meat more acidic as they used no preservatives. That is what gave it its extra tang...and brought out its full flavor.


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