Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alex Using Apple's Keynote Software

Song:  Baby Elephant Walk

Composer:  Henry Mancini

Alex on his Mother's iMac.

He is preparing another Keynote presentation for one of his classes at school.

His completed presentation was 18 "slides" altogether. 

His written report was 14 typed pages...
however, it involved a lot more details and total words.

After he had completed his report...
he got busy on his Keynote presentation of it
(he will be presenting it to his class next week).

I was giving him some layout advice.
He also had to ensure that the "slides" had just the very basic points.  
He would be filling in the rest, verbally, during his presentation.

He finished it last night.
I then had him present it to me.

It was so funny...
he immediately stood up and faced me...
all in a formal manner...
as if he were in his class
(which is good...it just surprised me  :)

We will be practicing his verbal presentation once a night...
 until he actually presents it to his class next week.

He starts his next report tonight.

It will be on a famous Olympiad...
about his achievements during, and after, the Olympics.

He had chosen Jim Thorp
(he has to be one of the greatest athletes in modern history).

This report will be for his Physical Education class
(Alex learned that P.E. is not just fun and games  :)

 Alex finds Keynotes to be fun in helping him 
construct his own video game review
(he has always loved doing these).

After his studying...
he likes to relax by doing some free writing or playing a simulation game on
his iPad or computer.

I think Alex loves to write reviews because he is a teacher at heart.

He has been writing book, movie and video game reviews for years now.

Writing, and now, creating Keynote presentations, is a joy for him.

We also enjoy reading his reviews.

He doesn't realize that by understanding the material enough to review them...
while he is having fun...
he is teaching himself reading / conceptual comprehension  :)

You know how the saying goes...

Price for Keynote:  $20.00.
Alex using it in imaginative and constructive ways...
priceless  :)


  1. How wonderful that Alex enjoys writing and creating presentations so much that he does it just for fun!

  2. It is very cute because he really puts his heart into it.

  3. I really enjoyed your articles .


  4. Thank you. Good to hear from you!


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