Sunday, April 8, 2012

Supplementary Education Via TV And Internet

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 Alex has never really watched TV...
except for educational shows and an occasional movie.

We subscribe to Hulu Plus.

It is an internet delivered conglomeration of various TV series and movies.

We have broadband wireless so we may view it on all of our TVs and computers.

While it is free for many shows...
the plus gives you access to many features and an expanded listing...
and at under $8.00 a month...
it is worth it.

There are many educational shows for Alex to absorb fundamental concepts.

The shows are very interesting and highly stimulating to a growing young mind.

My wife coincides the shows with any supplemental texts we have for him to study.

an oldie..but informationally timeless.
A true science classic.

Information which is presented in an engaging manner...
is remembered well.

A show on Robotics.

Watching an educational show just before going to bed on the weekends...
is a favorite activity of Alex's.

I also love Hulu Plus.

I highly recommend a couple of my favorite series
(for the adults...not for children).

House M.D.

A brilliant diagnostic doctor with an incorrigibly rude manner about him.
However, his being so effective in his profession...
allows others to put up with his personality in exchange for his performance.
This, of course, leads to very interesting situations in the hospital and in his 
personal relations with his patients and co-workers.

Doc Martin

Another show featuring a doctor...
however, this British drama/comedy focuses on the doctor's
personal relationships in the small cornish town 
in which he had set up his practice.

Again, this doctor is rude...
although, not purposely so.

He is merely a very serious person who is detached from people in general. 
 He simply prioritizes efficiency and effectiveness in his profession over emotion.  

He has some typical Asperger's Syndrom traits...
which makes this show of particular interest to me.

It is very well done.
The characters are developed well.

His love interest is a very wholesome and beautiful woman who...
through her efforts...starts to make him more human.
The doctor...despite his interpersonal flaws...
and precisely because of his directness and true open nature...
makes his love interest more tolerant of his seeming rudeness because she begins to see
him more in depth and admires him as a genuinely sincere and good person.

This is a light hearted and thoroughly engaging show which is set
in a beautiful seaside small town.

Should you have an older TV...
there exists wireless capture boxes making your TV...
wireless internet ready.

Should you not...
I recommend getting the latest flat screen HD wireless Internet ready TV.

The boxes for the older TVs run about $100.00...
while the price difference between the Internet ready ones and the ones which are not...
is about $100.00.

Internet access is integrated into the one TV remote for Internet ready TVs...
instead of having a separate remote for just the Internet box.

is it worth it to get an Internet ready HD flat screen TV (no smaller than 42")?

There are only two questions to ask.

Are you worth it?

(the answer should be yes)

Does your spouse think you are?

(my answer to this before I bought one in the middle of the night 
at a 24 hr. Walmart while my wife was home sleeping was...
it is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission  :)


  1. Ha, ha! You are a brave man! :)

  2. The voices wouldn't stop....I want my HD TV...I want my HD TV....ahhhh....
    Desperation leads a man to do desperate acts :)


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