Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alex's Progress In Geometry

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This is Thinkwell's Geometry course.

We have found Thinkwell to consistently have the best math courses.
This Geometry course is no exception.

Alex learns well from this course...
as well as all of their other advanced math courses.

We have tried many others...
none has been more effective at teaching Alex advanced math.

Alex says that the explanations are complete and that they are very interesting.

To give you an idea how effective this course has been...
we just started him on this course a couple of months ago.

Alex just completed number 8 of the 13 areas to complete the course...
with 90% and above test scores - after his earlier rushing
(although it all should be 100% as a goal).

Alex studying Geometry on his laptop.

He does Thinkwell Geometry and Alcumus Geometry at home.

At school, he does an online Geometry course in the library on one of the school's
computers in lieu of a regular math class.

His school - Coral Academy Of Science - allowed him to advance at his own pace
through an on line High School program
(with full High School credit).

He started it a couple of months ago.

The Geometry on line course is designed to be a year long course.

It has 8 portions...
Alex has finished the 8th and last portion.

However, I wanted him to review the entire course before taking his final in it.

He has another 3 weeks before his other finals begin.
I told him to take his Geometry final just in the week prior to allow
him the maximum preparation time without it interfering with his other finals.

Spring has arrived.

I am taking Alex to his Saturday Math Club study session.

Coral Academy Of Science has really been a great school for Alex.

Mr. Gul...
the math club teacher...
is a very dedicated professional.

Alex loves the way he teaches.

After school on Mondays...
Alex attends the SAT preparation class...
and on Wednesdays and Saturdays...
Alex attends the math club study sessions...
all of them taught by Mr. Gul.

Teacher extraordinaire...

Mr. Emre Gul

with Alex next to him...
along with the others on the math team at the State Math Competition.

Although Alex has only been a student at 
Coral Academy of Science for a couple of months now...
we have seen tremendous improvement in his capabilities in all areas.

Alex really loves his teachers and his classmates.

He loves going to school...
and he loves doing well there.

I must say...
I am very impressed with his school.

I am especially impressed with Mr. Gul.

The amount of dedication he has towards his students...
and to his profession, is inspiring.

I know Alex is in good hands.

As Alex still wishes to, one day...
become a Math Professor...
I am sure Mr. Gul will be one of the teachers
whom he will model himself after.

A very good teacher to model himself after indeed.


  1. It is so nice that the school is working out so well for Alex. It is invaluable to have such a wonderful teacher. As parents, it must be very gratifying to know that your son is in such good hands when you send him off to school each day.

  2. So far, Alex's school has been a very positive experience all around.


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