Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Battle Against Disorganization

Song:  Worlds Apart

Group:  Immediate Music

One of the frequently inherent conditions which presents itself
in children on the Autistic Spectrum...
is one of disorganization.

( Part of our daily routine...double checking that all his homework is
in his accordion folder.  We must get him used to operating by routine...
to always do things in a certain order so forgetfulness is taken out of the equation ).

While Alex is filled with many strengths...
his major weakness comes in the area of organization.

He knows he has a problem with forgetfulness due to distraction
( his mind is very active...if he doesn't take care of the matter at hand
immediately...he will often forget about it because he is thinking about
something else ).

What we are doing to combat disorganization in Alex...
is to do things in a predesignated and immediate manner.

We are teaching him to engineer a method of organization
so he may be able to organize himself in whatever future situation
he may find himself in.

It involves writing everything down in an organizer...
and then remembering to check with it... without fail.

He has forgotten to bring back papers from school.
We are countering that by having him immediately write down...
upon receiving notification of it from his teachers...
 any homework...the assignment, the due date...
and then to immediately place it in his accordion folder.

He is improving.
The key is to always do things in a certain way...
immediately... and without fail.

It will then become habit.

I cannot be too upset with Alex.

One of his greatest attributes is his drive to learn.

 While Homeschooling has been a great facilitator in
his advancement academically...
we were actually hampering his organizational skill development
due to our organization of everything for him.

What he lacked was practice, as he had no need to organize 
anything for himself.

That was our fault.

One of the great things about his new school...
among all of the other great things...
is it is forcing Alex to learn to be organized.

Through steady practice...
and an intelligently engineered method of memory mitigation...
he should steadily improve with his organizational skills.

Another reason I cannot be too upset with Alex....

( me taking Alex to school )

While I now remember to park the van in our garage
( snow or ice! :)...

I had forgotten to bring in the trash can after trash pickup
from the day before  :)

( a storm blew in that night, and the trash can had blown over and up the street.
Ours was the ONLY trash can still out  :)

As you can see...
I am also very forgetful  :)


  1. Seeing Alex's disorganization provides further evidence that sending him to this school is good for him. They will help uncover things that he needs to work on that otherwise may have gone unnoticed for a long time.

    Hah, very funny about leaving the garbage can out! Well, another lesson learned. :)

    Looks like you got more beautiful snow.

  2. Yes, this school has been beneficial in so many ways. Everyone there is so good to him. Alex was also accepted to their math club. We just happened to get in at the right time. The math club teacher gave Alex an hour long exam to test his capabilities. A few days later, he E-mailed us and said there was a vacancy for the math team going to the State competition this Saturday. Alex is going to his first math competition. He is well are we. I will be writing about it later.

    Yes, I've still much to learn about the details of living here. I still love it though. I still love the snow...only because I don't have to shovel it. :)

  3. How exciting that Alex will be going to the State competition! That will be a great experience for him.

  4. Yes, Alex is excited. It will provide him a learning experience. The problems are all applied Math...not merely calculative problems. The children must figure out what needs to be done first. The problems are beyond what my wife, or I, can help him study for. When he goes to his after school math club, his instructor helps the students work on the problems. Later on, Alex wants to try the science club also...maybe next year.

    By the way...Alex's school will be going up against the Davidson Academy, among other schools in the state.


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