Friday, March 9, 2012

Alex - A Member Of The School Math Team

Song:  Emily's Theme

Group:  Fired Earth Music

Alex on the night before the State MathCounts Competition.

Alex is part of a small group of students (from the school math club)...
competing in a statewide math competition tomorrow.  Each competing school
will have their teams representing them for honors.

I don't know much about it, as this will be Alex's first one.

We were fortunate in there being an opening on the team when Alex 
started the math club last week.

This will be good practice for Alex.
There will be many highly gifted children there.

Alex is going to keep active in the math club...and in the competitions.  
As Alex still has much time to grow and learn...
he can only improve with each event.

Alex loves competition...
it seems to spur his spirit to learn.

This is for grades 6 - 8.

The practice tests we had seen seemed heavily weighted toward
Abstract Reasoning and Geometry.

As Alex has only just started learning Geometry...
my wife has been preparing him by going over similar problems...
and giving him explanations.

Here is to the spirit of competition...
and the excellence it engenders in our children.

In my next article...
I will cover the actual event.


  1. How exciting to be participating in this competition! I am sure that it will be quite an experience for Alex, and that he will do well. Best to him and the team!

  2. Thank you. He is there right now (2 hours just the children in a testing room). We will go back for the results. The Davidson Academy had fielded a big team. One of the kids was doing push-ups before the team went into the testing center. The theme to Rocky was going through my head as he was doing it :)

  3. Haha, sounds like Alex's school is Rocky and Davidson is Apollo Creed.

    I'll be curious to hear more about the format... e.g. do the kids work as a group to answer questions or individually, is there a short time limit per question, or longer time allotted for a group of questions, etc.

  4. The Davidson Academy (which had fielded 10 members) will be going to the nationals. I don't know where Alex's school placed yet. However, at the end of the formal testing...a special round of speed answering, head to head, had begun. Only the top 8 contestants were chosen to participate (based on individual scores)...this one was open to the public. The Davidson Academy had 6 of the 8 positions...Coral Academy had 2. Alex was one of them. Alex was excited. We were very proud.


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