Sunday, February 12, 2012

A New Direction - The Coral Academy Of Science

Song:  Majestic

Group:  Liquid Cinema

My wife had been researching for schools which participate 
in math competitions so Alex could also compete.

It turns out that there is a Charter School just 15 minutes away
which stresses Math and Science as well as having College credit available
for the many AP courses it provides.

We went there yesterday for an open house.
We had talked to the Principal as well as to some of the teachers.

As they are a Charter School...
they are not limited to the public school curriculum.

They allow the students to advance without limits.
Every course is also on line so the students may continue advancing at home.

The current Math Counts (a National Math Competition) State Champion
is an 8th grader at the Coral Academy.

We were impressed mostly with their mindset of providing unlimited 
learning opportunity to each child.

It is in their academic flexibility that Alex may advance at his own pace.

It is very similar to the Davidson Academy in this respect.

The Math teacher was excited at the prospect of having Alex at the school.

We are still going to apply to the Davidson Academy next year...
however, we see this as great preparation for the Davidson Academy...
as he must work on his autonomy and organizational skills...
as well as learning the necessary social skills.

We were also glad that the Math available to Alex is much more advanced than
we can help him with at home.

Right now...
Alex is advancing a weeks worth everyday in Geometry...
and so far...with 100% scores.

This means that he is to move on to pre-Calculus next.
With a dedicated Math Professor along with Alex's continuing 
on line study at home with Alcumus and other supplementary work...
he should advance even more quickly.

We were also fortunate in the fact that they have a few openings for this year
for 6th grade.  We were going to have to try to get in next year by the lotto system...
and just have him in the Coral Academy until...or rather...
if, and when, Alex gets accepted to the Davidson Academy.

We are going to turn in our application tomorrow.

Alex will be given a placement test to see which courses are most appropriate
for him to start with.

The whole academy is about the size of Alex's old Elementary school.

Being a Charter School...
they may also have rigorous academic standards as a requirement
to be able to stay in the Academy.

This way...
only those children who wish to learn...
and who apply themselves...
 are allowed to stay.

We also will see if this is a good fit for Alex.

At anytime, should we feel that he is not advancing as quickly as 
he is at home...we will pull him out and continue with our home school.

As they have regimentation (school uniforms...higher rules of conduct)
that the public schools lack...
unlimited academic opportunities...
many after school math and science clubs...
we think he will be in a good learning atmosphere.

We will also be continuing our home school when he gets home.

any and all homework...
working ahead in each course...
Essay work...
and then SAT prep...
and he will continue with Alcumus
(we have found Alcumus to be a tremendous learning tool).

either way...
we will continue with our Home Schooling...
just with a lighter version should he attend the 
Coral Academy Of Science.

P.S. - One interesting coincidence...
This Academy was founded in the same year that Alex was born.


  1. It sounds good. We will have to see how well Alex does there. We are hopeful that he will learn to socialize and to initiate discussions among his peers.

  2. Sounds like it could be a good fit for Alex. Nice that your wife found such a potentially good school that is so nearby. Being back in a school environment should help him get with socialization. And there's no harm in trying it out... like you say, you can always go back to full time home schooling if it doesn't work out.

  3. Yes...we are hopeful. We will continue with his home schooling (shorter periods during school days)...longer during the weekends and the breaks at school (summer especially).

  4. That is sure proof that your decision to move to Reno was the right one at the right time. We were worried that maybe, you were a little disappointed in not getting into Davidson right away.. but now it looks like it was providential that he has a opportunity to prepare for a perfect fit in the upcoming years.... This is really great news.... Congratulations Yoshiko for her excellent research and relentless support!

    1. We were very fortunate. They normally have a lotto system in place for entrance consideration and it is for the following year. We went to their open house on Saturday and had discovered that there was a sudden vacancy for Alex's grade (6th) for the remainder of this year and that once don't have to go through a lotto system. The deadline is today...we just got him in yesterday! We had to get his shots updated and do an interview with them. Alex does his placement testing today...and we have to order his uniforms. Yes...Yoshiko is a super Mom. Almost all of Alex's success is to to their combined efforts. It is through her tireless efforts in her constant research for the best educational programs and opportunities for Alex and his love of learning that he is doing so well. Now for our first sign of misfortune...a blizzard just struck Reno...I've never seen snow blow so much or so hard. In a matter of hours, we will be taking Alex to his new school. We will have to leave extra early. A small matter considering our good fortune so far. :)


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