Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Lighter Side Of Alex

Song:  Safety Dance

Group:  Men Without Hats

This is of Alex posing playfully as he is pretending to teach Stanley math.

Alex on my computer as he is filling out a survey from 
the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education.

He insisted on certain answers until I had explained the general context
under which the question was posed.  He had read a few of the questions 
out of context and some of the resulting answers were humorous, especially
when he had explained his rationale.

(This is from where I Blog.  I usually start after Alex is in bed.
I pour a large mug of coffee and start blogging.
Even though I retired over 9 months ago 
after over a couple of decades of working nightshift...
I still stay up all night on a regular basis).

Alex said that in P.E. at his new school...
they are playing some modified form of Football.

this is not really him.

This is my wife being playful with a photo modifier.

Look at the following three pictures...
they tell a story.

Alex is still afraid of all dogs.

He was leisurely riding his Ezyroller at a nearby park.

In the second shot...
he saw a tiny dog on a leash as a man was walking him up the walkway.

Alex did an immediate U-turn...

and in the last photo...
he started peddling furiously uphill.

The kind man had seen what had happened..
so he immediately turned around and started walking the other way
after he called out to Alex saying that his dog was friendly.

Alex just kept up his furious pace until he reached the top of the hill  :)

During a trip to San Francisco...
we had parked in an underground garage.

Alex had been fascinated with underground structures
and he had insisted we take a picture of it for him.

He is looking and smiling at his underground picture on my wife's computer.
He then insisted that his mother make it his wallpaper on his computer  :)

Shortly after moving to Reno...
Alex kept asking me to allow him in the crawl space
underneath our house.

I had first checked underneath
(the whole area is insulated)
and I then allowed him to explore.

Alex at a nearby park a couple of months ago.

He is claiming to be King of the Mountain.

I had told him to not get too excited
as it was in the section reserved for very small children  :)

Shortly after moving to Reno...
I looked out to see a whole line of rocks across the 
back lawn.  I looked to see Alex running back and forth
from the rocked area in the backyard to the lawn...
while carrying rocks.

He said he was making a walkway.
I had told him to walk his way to the lawn and to remove the rocks!  :)

This was Alex when he was seven years old during his last ever Halloween
(he said he didn't wish to go anymore as he thought it was for small children).

He had insisted on being dressed up as a Math Professor.

He couldn't understand why people kept asking him what he was supposed to be  :)

The next five shots were from many years ago when we had taken Alex
to Disneyland.

He was a little uncomfortable in this shot.

He seemed bored in this one.

Look at that expression of glee.

The difference?

A pretty young lady!

Another pretty young lady...
another big smile!

With this pretty young lady...
he had to make sure to get a big hug before she left.

Alex on one of our camping trips.

See any similarities with the below photo?

We hadn't realized it at the time of the photo.

Only after looking at it at home....
did my wife see a resemblance to the bottom famous fake Sasquatch photo  :)

Yes...he had misspelled the word...[gestures]...
he is usually much more careful.

At eight years old...
(It was several pages in length)

Alex had free written his "Guide To Life: The Outside World"  :)

He talked of basic economic survival in the modern world...
for individuals, and for companies  :)

He loves giving advice by writing guides on all kinds of topics...
especially the ones he has no experience in  :)

Alex doesn't like anomalies.

The small amount of debris on the ground near the water jets at 
the park where we used to live...
made him feel as if the water had become polluted.

We had to coax him to keep playing...
after the debris was removed  :)
(the text in the photo is in Japanese because my wife had 
used it for her Japanese Blog).

Alex had gone through a chewing phase a few years ago.

His shirt was always wet from him chewing on it...
and on almost everything else.

He was almost 3 years old here.

The above photo was taken of Alex before he could talk.

Although he couldn't understand the meaning of most of the words here...
he was decoding the English Language.

We never had to teach him Phonics or spelling rules.

That is why he could formulate simple sentences on a portable speller when 
he was still 2 years old.

My wife had read to him since birth...
using her finger on each word as she read...
then she used his finger to follow along...
and eventually Alex would correctly use his finger on the corresponding words...
 following along as she read.

It was in this way that he had learned the language so young.

This picture was about when he could talk.

I've included another dated photo above this one when he was almost 3 years old.

So, this one is about when he could talk.

Alex reading a newspaper with a pacifier in his mouth.

He still used a pacifier when he was 3 1/2 years old...
and he did read from the paper and ask me questions when he started talking 
at the age of 3 1/2 years old.

When he would ask me what a word had meant...
he would first reach up and take the pacifier out of his mouth.
He would then place it back in his mouth after getting his answer :)

 He could pronounce almost all of the words...
although he had to often ask me their definitions.

He was a precocious reader.

Although he couldn't talk at 2 years old......
he would write simple sentences on a portable speller.

Alex still keeps us laughing with his antics.

He is a very lovable and funny child!

He has a great sense of humor.
He likes the silly and the strange.
He especially loves plays on words.

I especially love how he is thoroughly genuine.

Although he is proud of his accomplishments...
he never tries to deceive others by being pretentious.  

He is also thoughtful toward others.

He doesn't brag.

He often keeps low key and modest.

if only I could learn this from my son!  :)


  1. Nice to see some less serious sides to Alex.

    Love the photo of him reading the paper with the pacifier in his mouth. Ha, very funny! And a hint of things to come.

  2. He always makes us laugh with many of the things he says or does.

    His early reading, while surprising to us back then, hadn't astounded us to any great degree as he was our only experience with a young child. We weren't sure of the width band of the milestones of a toddler. We just thought of it as amusing.


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