Friday, February 3, 2012

Alex Finishes Algebra II Comprehensive - Small Celebration

Song:  Regresa A Mi

Group:  IL Divo

Alex had been using Thinkwell's College Algebra II
(added concepts - more advanced).

This was actually a mistake made by his mother.
She thought she was ordering High School Algebra II...
but he did well anyway.

He officially finished all of his Algebra II comprehensive.

He is officially moving on to Geometry.

His mother also ordered Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus for him 
to try for fun...and then to move on to after Geometry.

He had been working many hours a day on his math...
he wanted to move on to Geometry officially
(he had been doing some already).

We first went out to eat...
and then...
we went to a local fun center as a mini-celebration for Alex.

This was a laser maze.
Alex had to avoid breaking a maze of laser beams as he made his way
to an objective and back.

The video screen showed Alex in the room trying to avoid the beams
as he crawled and walked his way through.

We then went to Black Light Miniature Golf...
the inside pictures were washed out due to the flash.

It was really much more dark and the colors were extremely vivid.

There were also several bowling lanes...
one of which was Blacklight Bowling.

That looked interesting.
They also had a game center and pool tables.

Next time we are going to go Blacklight Bowling...
and we will try our hand at pool.

There are also many outside activities...
but we will save that for warmer weather.

Alex had a really good time here.

Today we will be going to Lake Tahoe.

We will be going on a Gondola Cable Car up to a mountain peak for a 
panoramic view of Lake Tahoe.

Today, the views should be nice there.
A snow storm had just passed through a couple of days ago...
but today is supposed to be sunny.

We are looking forward to having a nice time...
there is also a snow park there that would be good for Alex
on another trip
(it is only an hour or so away).


  1. Looks like a fun celebration. Haha, College Algebra II was no problem for Alex.

    I'm sure you are enjoying Tahoe. It is so beautiful there.

  2. We will be leaving in less than an hour. We are looking forward to it. The last time we went...the gondola was closed due to high winds. Today should be fine.

  3. Even me Magwitch can enjoy that place, I am sure !

    Feeling wasting time to me now but I was told this situation was also important for me.
    Wish I could travel around with free will.
    And If could I wanna meet all of you too.

  4. I was surprised myself...I really enjoyed this fun center. We will be going back soon to enjoy some of the other activities. However, most of my enjoyment lies in watching how much fun my son is having (I am sure all parents feel this way).

  5. algebra also include in mathematics. It is very complicated part of mathematics. It used different formulas according to the expressions and values.

  6. are quite correct. Math is the larger category...with all of the various subcategories included...but not all of which are necessarily explored. I wanted to express which component Alex is concentrating on at this particular moment.


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