Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alex At The UNR Planetarium And Science Center

Song:  Ballade Pour Adeline

Original Composition:  Richard Clayderman

Rendition:  Dajim

We had taken Alex to the University of Nevada, Reno...
to the Planetarium and Science Center.

Alex loves seeing science exhibits...
and planetarium shows.

We always let Alex pick out some souvenirs from our outings.

Some basic science exhibits.

One of a few exhibits where you may touch the article.

It often makes a difference when you may feel the mass of an object
to really give you an idea of its nature.

This was the Perceptual Relativity exhibit.

”The Perceptual Relativity Exhibit allows visitors to explore
dozens of illusions where stationary figures appear to move,
lines and colors are warped by their surroundings, and entirely
new perceptions emerge simply by turning the picture.
Reaching far beyond the surface of perceptions, these illusions
provide a powerful window into the workings of the human mind.”

Alex especially enjoyed this exhibit.

We had then gone to the Planetarium for a show on "Bad Astronomy".

It was a presentation of how the media often misrepresents Science and Astronomy.

Beyond this...I cannot really say.

It was warm inside...
the seats were reclined and comfortable...
we had eaten just before coming here...
yes...I slept through most of it  :)

Alex learned something and had enjoyed himself...
that was the important part.


  1. Looks like a pretty nice science center/planetarium. I know you had nice places back in CA so I'm glad there are places like this in Reno, too.

    Glad the chairs were comfortable... I could use a good nap, too! :)

  2. Yes, we had gone to some larger and really nice ones in CA. Although this was small, it was still nice...and only 10 minutes away. I will be taking Alex back for a Pink Floyd laser concert in the Planetarium...I want to expose him to great music (IMNSHO... :) Music appreciation the Shiroi Tora way :)

  3. Our city has the Planetarium which is maybe the biggest one in the world ( or not now anymore ?)
    It is near my house but I only once visited there .^^ ;
    I like night sky too and see stars and the moon.
    When I look up to the moon and wear that beam I feel like getting pure mind .

  4. This one is rather small...however, it isn't crowded. Do they show the Pink Floyd laser concert there? If so, it is a must see.


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