Saturday, February 4, 2012

Alex At Lake Tahoe - Heavenly Valley Gondola And Village

Song:  Clair Voyant

Group:  Two Steps From Hell

Alex deserved a special trip to Lake Tahoe...
he has been working so hard in his studies.

We decided to go to Lake Tahoe's Heavenly Valley Gondola ride 
for a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe and to visit the shops
in Heavenly Valley Village.

We are just 20 minutes down the road going toward Lake Tahoe.

We arrived at Lake Tahoe in about an hour.

We arrived at the wrong area initially.

This particular gondola was just for skiers.

It is all Heavenly Valley Ski Resort...
I had to go to the Heavenly Valley Village for the Gondola ride
to the observation deck.

This was the correct one.

This is a fountain in the village center.

Although the day was actually relatively warm...
the temperature really drops at night.

We are heading up to the peak.

There is an observation area where there will be a great
panoramic view of the Lake Tahoe area.

Alex was excited on our ride up the mountain.

The Gondolas are private and seat up to 6.

They are very comfortable...
and the ride was scenic all the way up and down.

The elevation of Heavenly Valley Village is 6,255 ft. (1,907 Meters).

The elevation of the Observation area is 9,123 ft (2,781 Meters).

Alex munching on trail mix.

The views up here were spectacular.

The Gondola ride from Heavenly Valley Village to the observation deck
is such a worthwhile activity.  We had come here just for this...
and we were not disappointed.  It was everything...even more...than we had hoped.  
The views were expansive...the air was crisp...the ride was comfortable and exciting.

The Gondola actually goes on up for a little more...
to a ski area.  We chose to just come back as we were not going to ski
(we simply stayed in the Gondola for the return trip).

The cost for the Gondola ride per adult was just $32.00.

It was worth every cent.

The Gondola ride and the observation area is simply a must see for anyone
visiting Lake Tahoe.  The observation deck has bathrooms, a souvenir shop...
and a small coffee and snack shop.  

No one can claim they have seen Lake Tahoe...
until they have seen it from here.

The souvenir shop and Gondolas behind us.

We are on our way back down to the village.

There were numerous shops and restaurants in the village.
There was also a beginners ice skating rink.

Alex playfully posing himself as the bear is posed.

One last look around before we went home.

Alex really had a good time here.

We had seen a paddle boat on the lake.

It is similar as to what has plied the Mississippi River for generations.

We shall tour Lake Tahoe by one sometime soon.

I will also be researching other nearby locations to visit.

Alex is working so diligently in his studies.

I am so proud of his intellectual fortitude.

I simply must keep finding new and exciting places for him to explore and to experience.


  1. Wow, that is truly a spectacular view from the top! And they had snow up there, I see. Glad that Alex got to see such a beautiful place.

  2. Yes, we had a great time there. Alex loved the view. It was just a short day trip there for us. It was a very nice day weather wise also.


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