Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve Fun For Alex

Song:  It's Been A While

Artist:  James Onohan

My younger sister, her daughter, and her granddaughter came to visit for New Years Eve.
She had driven up from California for a 2 night visit.

Alex hadn't seen them for a while.
He got excited talking with them and playing with his 2nd cousin (6 yrs. old).

My sister had gone shopping at a Japanese grocery store before coming up.

We had two giant pots of Oden and Mochi along with baked Mochi.

A big kiss for Alex.
Alex played with his 2nd cousin much of the day.
At one point, he was teaching her Math.

Alex loves other children.
He is very gentle and patient with younger children.
He has always loved teaching others.

These two pictures are from Google Images...
but depict what happens on New Years Eve in Reno.

This is what my wife said they had seen when they went to see the fireworks
above Reno.

Everyone else went to see the fireworks on New Years...
I stayed home and slept as I had a long drive the next day.

As Alex had so much fun seeing another child...
we are thinking of signing him up for a nearby Junior High School
Math club so he may interact with other children on a subject he has a passion for.


  1. Glad that you had a great New Year's with family. We had mochi, too, in our ozoni.

    That is so nice that Alex is great with younger children. Sounds like a good idea to try to give him more opportunity to interact with other kids.

  2. Alex is looking forward to mixing in with other children. In our family...he is by far...the most social. I love to see his happiness when he is having fun with other children.


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