Thursday, January 12, 2012

Home Schooling - Mission: SAT 2012 Prep

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Alex's SAT Prep books came in yesterday.

He will begin studying for his SATs starting today.

He always loves getting new books.

His first SAT will be in a couple of months.

My wife had to locate a testing center that will accept a 6th grader.

There is only one in the State of Nevada that will do so.

We will drive to wherever it is to have him take it.

He may only take it twice in a year's time.

This first one will be to gauge where he stands now...
and where we will have to improve before the last test of the year near December.

Although this test, if he passes with a high enough score, may be used for next year's 
entrance requirements to the Academy...
it may not be reachable in a couple of months time.

If not...we will know where to concentrate more of our efforts for the last test of the year.

The qualifying score Alex will have to achieve on his SATs for the Davidson Academy
is higher than what many colleges demand for the 11th and 12th graders to achieve.

My wife also ordered several other books...
one on Science, and one on Reasoning Skills...
both of which I shall write an article about...
as they seem very interesting...
and could prove to be valuable to your children.


  1. Only one testing center will accept a 6th grader... that shows how special Alex is just for being able to take the test. I have a feeling he will enjoy the challenge... though, I'm not sure if the parents can handle the stress. ;)

    Best to Alex!

  2. Thank you...and you got it right about the parents suffering the stress :)


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