Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Schooling - Alcumus Lvl 25 Algebra

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Alex's favorite subject is Math.

Alex's favorite learning and competition Math site is...
The Art Of Problem Solving's sub-site...

He just made the Alcumus Hall Of Fame as a 
Lvl 25 in Algebra.

He loves spending many hours a day learning and practicing Math.

He has gone as high as he can go in Algebra.

He is now working on Geometry.

Alcumus is adding a Geometry competition soon.

Alex is looking forward to that.

We are searching for a Junior High or a High School Math club for Alex to 
practice with.  We are looking to get him involved twice a week at a local school
so he could meet and compete with some children who also love math.

We have also just gotten his SAT (College Entrance Exam) prep books.
My next article will cover those.

I cannot stress enough how very helpful Alcumus has been in 
helping Alex practice his Math.

For children who love competition and practicing Math...
Alcumus is perfect.  

There are many areas of math (with more on the way)...
and many levels of each.  It is fun, motivating...
and free.


  1. Quite an achievement for Alex! Bravo!

    I hope you can find an appropriate math club for Alex. Ideally, it would provide some social opportunities, perhaps like having a big brother for him, as well as practicing his math skills.

    1. We are all looking forward to it. The social aspect alone would be helpful. He has always enjoyed being with older children...especially when he could talk about his favorite subject.


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