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Basic Survival: Water Storage And Transportation Containers

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In case you have you not already read the initial article explaining important concepts...
read the following article first:


Water weighs approximately 8.3 lbs. per Gallon (1 Kilogram per Liter).
We can't last long without it.
In many survival situations, a source may not be reliable.
You need to plan on using 1 Gallon a day to keep hydrated
in a hostile environment and under extreme exertion
(for planning purposes...circumstances may force using far less).

Unless you have a reliable source of water the whole way
to safety (rare) will need to transport it from source to source.

Major points to consider when buying a survival water container
(you don't necessarily have to think canteen)...

1)  It must NOT be porous.

While this would strike many as immediately obvious...
consider some water bags constructed for desert use.
They are built specifically to slowly leak water continuously
through its skin to allow evaporation to cool its contents.

This, of course, would be bad for two immediate reasons.

for obvious reasons...
water may very well be a rare find.
You would need every last drop of it...
cool or not.

a water bag that is porous will keep pathogens in its pores...
making sterilization of the container almost impossible...
as well as infecting everything the leaked water, and the container, touched.

2)  It must be able to hold relatively large amounts and be rugged.

This automatically excludes the hard translucent sports bottles.
Many are made with a plastic that could break instead of bend with a force.

This includes using any canteens with any easily breakable parts
(the cap is particularly vulnerable in some).

Your water containers could very well be your life line in a dire situation.

While true military ones are very good...
fake equipment is sometimes listed as G.I. Type or some other misleading saying.

You must get Official Govt. ones...
not the cheap fakes.

They are often not only some of the best ones around...
they can be had for very reasonable prices.

3)  Divide up the number of water containers into many smaller ones
(keep no more than 1/4 of your supply, per person, in any one container...
as protection against loss, leakage, fouling, damage...etc).

  Each person must carry their own water.

Remember...a 5 gallon jerry can of water would not only place an extreme 
burden on the poor man carrying it (over 40 lbs)...
it would be placing your survival at risk should the container, or the person...
be compromised in any way.

Another important point...
extreme circumstances bring out extreme emotions and thoughts.

Imagine when water gets short and one man holds most of the supply...
 a potentially very bad situation that could be played out in any direction.

4) Spare no expense

This is one of two areas in which you must not compromise in...
the Purification / Storage of water...
the Sleeping Bag.

If you must compromise the quality of your equipment due to expense
or it else where.

The lack of either area could mean a relatively quick death.

5)  Never use a container that had unsterilized water in it
as a container for sterilized water later on
(unless sterilized in the field...
extremely difficult to do without chemicals or high heat.
Another reason to always carry Chlorine or Iodine tablets).

Just one of many examples of canteens that are not only
rugged and reliable...but are very reasonably priced.

This is an official U.S. Govt. Issue 2 qt. canteen
(true soldier issue canteens have a covered indent nozzle in the cap...
permitting usage of a gas mask hose linkage so soldiers may
drink from their canteens while remaining in their gas masks).

They are regularly sold on line for $6.00 - $7.00.

An official U.S. Govt. issue 2 qt. canteen cover
(desert scheme)
notice the little pocket in the front...
for sterilization tablets.

The inside of these bags contain fleece for insulation.

They also have equipment clips on the back.

They go for $5.00 to $6.00 on line.

4 of these per person would provide 2 Gallons
and would permit the 1/4 ratio per person container 
division necessary to ensure against container loss, malfunction or mishap.

For under $50.00 per person...
you would have the makings of a good water transport system...
with the back up sterilization attached to each canteen.

Ruggedness, reliability and redundancy...
a very good start.

However, by no means stop here.

This would be a minimum.

Think about a collapsable larger container (for each) in case of extreme
travel between water sources.

You may also consider having one each of a stainless steel 2 qt. canteen
for an emergency heat sterilization vessel
(dual purpose / redundant boiler).

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