Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alex And Flat Stanley At Pyramid Lake

Song:  Drops Of Jupiter

Group:  Train

This song is light hearted and up beat...
just as this day trip was.

We stopped by a neighborhood Thai restaurant on our way
to Pyramid Lake...
a terminal lake 1/2 hr. N by NE of Reno.

It is fed almost exclusively by the snow melt of the Sierra Nevadas
which feed Lake Tahoe.
Lake Tahoe feeds the Truckee River...
which then flows through Reno...
and ends in Pyramid Lake.

Flat Stanley is a popular School Project
where school children make contact with people 
from around the world and ask that they take him along
when they travel in their area and take pictures with him in it
(they send a copy of Stanley to you).
You would then E-mail the pictures and send Stanley back.
The children then get to see areas of interest
(along with a brief description of the location)
in other parts of the world...from a local's point of view.

My wife had a Blog friend who had been asking for a temporary home
for Stanley for a School Project.  She agreed, and we received Stanley
just a couple of days ago...and so, here is Stanley on his first excursion...
enroute to Pyramid Lake.

Pyramid Lake is part of an Indian Reservation of the Paiute Tribe.
As their laws are a little different...
they have some convenience stores which sell all types of Fireworks year round...
and you may shoot them off at certain spots near the lake.
We will certainly do that in the future.

Alex and Stanley as we arrived at the lake.
Pyramid Lake has a trout hatchery and some of the 
World's best Trout fishing is supposed to be here.
The trout grow to exceptional size here and the record
weight trout caught here was over 40 lbs.  Other sizes
regularly caught here weigh 10 to 20 lbs.

Alex loves Trout...
he wanted me to go fishing to catch some for dinner.

Perhaps sometime in the future we will do some fishing.
It would make a good outing.

At the Pyramid Lake Museum

Throughout our drive to different parts of the lake...
I had questioned Alex on the surroundings...
more to teach him critical thinking than to teach him about the lake.

I always try to have him observe and to analyze what he sees...
by seeing what is there and asking himself why...
and why not other things....about patterns and disruptions of them...
to tell him much about the true nature of his surroundings.

I always try to revisit concepts previously taught.
I am going over the use of shadow stakes with Alex...
 to determine direction using the track of the sun.

Some Paiute handcrafts.

We had a nice day.
Alex enjoyed himself...
we got some educational milage out of this trip...
Stanley got to see some new sights also  :)

We will be taking Alex and Stanley to the University of Nevada Reno
Planetarium for our next outing.


  1. Glad that Alex, and Flat Stanley, had a nice time. And that you got to work on Alex's reasoning skills.

  2. The reason I love outings is to be able to show Alex more about the world...and how to reason effectively.


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