Monday, December 31, 2012

Alex Enjoying New Year's Eve 2012

Song:  What Is Life

Artist:  George Harrison

We decided to just enjoy our New Year's Eve at home.

The day was crisp and clear.

Alex first finished up his daily studies.
He then wanted to walk around in the snow
(as we live at a little over one mile in elevation...
we get more snow than the rest of Reno).

Alex then played some games on his laptop...

and he watched the auto Mochi maker.

He started laughing as it made the sweet rice into one large smooth ball.

Alex, and I, then made individual Mochi cakes.

We then ate fresh Mochi cakes...
his mother included some in some Japanese Nabemono...
and we then froze the rest.

What is life?

It is what we make of it through forethought and effort.

Alex has had a tremendous year.

He has accomplished so much.

Alex is a Golden Dragon
(his Oriental Zodiac sign)...
and he definitely had a golden year.

Short term plans?

We are going to Lake Tahoe sometime this week
to enjoy some of the snow.

Long term plans?

More of the same daily routine.

Alex is steadily treading the correct path to efficient and effective human development.

Daily stimulation of...

With these in balance and alignment...
he cannot help but eventually reach his goals.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Alex After The UNLV Math Camp - En Route Home

Song:  Aniron

Artist:  Enya

The reason we decided to stay overnight at Tonopah was because
I had been monitoring the weather reports.

Reno had been hit by a snow storm which was due to subside on the morrow.

During Alex's Face Time with his mother back in Reno...
she had shown us the amount of snow coming down at the time.

My wife had taken these photos in Reno while Alex, and I, were in Las Vegas.

With this in mind...
I decided to stop at the approximate halfway point (Tonopah...point B).

On our way from Hoover Dam.

We are about an hour or so out of Tonopah.

We had arrived at our hotel for the night.
It was a nice hotel with one of the most comfortable beds
 I have been in at any hotel.  It was quiet and reasonably priced.  
Right next door was another hotel with a nice restaurant.

As this was a special occasion...
I allowed Alex to order two sweetened drinks (lemonade and hot chocolate)...
and we shared dessert also.

Alex had gotten the fish and chips.
These were exceptional.  The fish was light and flakey...
the batter was light and was not oily.

I started out with a BLT...
and since I was not driving for the night...
I tried a dark lager from Oregon.

I then had a 1/2 lb. Cheese Burger.

They know how to make great burgers...

This was the lobby of the hotel next door where we had eaten.

The next morning it had lightly snowed here.
We walked from our hotel to the one in the background for breakfast.

Alex enjoyed his French Toast and Ham...
with a side of Yogurt.

I had a typical breakfast of many Americans
(I don't eat such meals at home...just when I go out).

As we were leaving the restaurant / hotel to depart Tonopah.

We stopped for gas before hitting the road for the last leg of our journey.

Within the hour...
we had left the snow clouds behind.

Part way back...
I had seen this very small country store.

We picked up some drinks...
and some souvenirs.

I picked up Alex an appropriate gift from here
(which I had taken a picture of at home).

This town's Post Office.

The only reason I hadn't missed this town was that 
I didn't have to close my eyes for more than a few seconds...
had I yawned or sneezed...we may have missed it entirely :)

We had stopped at Walker Lake to get a few photos...
and then made the final push for home.

The mountains of Reno...
we are just minutes away from home here.

I stopped in for gas just a few miles from home.

It was Christmas Eve...and we were finally home.

I had seen this at the country store.
Alex is not only an Intellectual Warrior...
he took a major step toward being a man during this trip.

He strove for independence...
and he did very well on his own.

Just as Native American tribes had used the Tomahawk as a sign 
of the coming of age as a man and warrior...
I had bought this for Alex as the mark of him becoming a man.

Although Alex had only just turned 12 yrs. old...
he has the attitude of a young man.

He takes life seriously through thorough preparation.

It is counter intuitive in most...
however, only by being deadly serious in your attitude toward life
in your preparations for it...
may you be light hearted in your living of it.

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