Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nevada - Our New Magical Kingdom

Song:  Journey To The Magical Kingdom

Group:  Future World Music

Although we have just moved here...
we have taken a great liking to this State.

We especially love the city of Reno.

Everything is so convenient...
the proximity to...
 shopping while still having the solitude of the mountains...
a variety of ethnic foods...
places of great natural beauty.

The people seem to be very happy here.

I think the altitude has something to do with it...
being in the high country simply makes you feel good.

The temperature at midday now is in the 30s and 40s (F)
(-1 to 4 C)
just the temperature I like!

The air is so crisp and fresh...
there is not the unescapable stickiness of a humid atmosphere.

There are many mountains in the background wherever you look...
giving a sense of proportion and perspective in life...
a sense of future and hope.

There are all four seasons here...
marking the years, and so, life
(I know many places have them...we hadn't had them in California).

The State Flag...
Battle Born.

I love the strong central statement as well as the simplicity of the flag.

Some facts about our new state:

Nevada takes its name from a Spanish word meaning snow-clad or snow-capped.

Nevada has more mountain ranges than any other state.
It is considered the most mountainous state in the U.S.

Nevada is the largest gold producing state in the U.S. and it is third in the world.

The Silicon Valley area (including San Jose) alone has far more people than all of the 
State of Nevada.

Over 85% of Nevada is Federal Government land...
leaving intact much of its great natural beauty.

Nevada became a state of the Union during the Civil War...
it was admitted on Oct. 31 1864 by President Abraham Lincoln as the 36th State.

This is a picture of a neighborhood Elementary School.

As Alex is home schooled...he doesn't attend a public school...
however, this is the one he would be attending were he not home schooled.

Below are some images from various locations in Nevada as from 
Google Images.

Although this picture was taken on the California side of 
Lake Tahoe...I still consider all of Lake Tahoe just as much Nevada's
since half of it is.  Plus it is only 1 hour away by car.

Reno at night.

All of these sights, and more, are just a short drive away from us.

I love the open country and wide expanses punctuated with beautiful mountain views.

My whole family, and I, just love the freedom we feel here.

After Alex's final phase testing at the Davidson Academy in less than two weeks...
we are going to take a mini-vacation.

We have yet to decide exactly where...
but Alex will have a large say in where we shall go.

As he is working so hard...
he will have earned a good week or so off.


  1. There is something about being in the mountains... you feel so healthy and vibrant, and the world seems like a better place. Now you're making me wonder why I live in one of the flattest, lowest places in the country. :)

    Have a fun vacation! Yes, Alex will have earned it.

  2. Yes....we love it in the mountains. We are looking forward to the vacation, more so because it will signify the end of testing for a while than anything else. We will be able to take a breather.


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