Friday, December 30, 2011

Home Schooling: Alex Loves Math

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Alex relaxing between study sessions with a cup of Hot Cocoa a few days ago.

This Periodic Table Mug was his favorite for years.

 His new favorite mug is his Math Mug.

We rarely give him sweets... so an occasional mug of 
Hot Cocoa is a special treat for him.

This Geometry Mug is on his wish list.

He gets a special pleasure from looking at math formulas.

We had initially skipped over Geometry after he finished Algebra I
so he could progress through Algebra II without a break as is commonly done.

He wants to go to the highest level of Algebra on Alcumus before fully switching 
to Geometry.  However, as his SATs are coming up...
we allowed him to study both at the same time.

He just doubles up on his studies in Math.

He enjoys Math so much anyway.

He still wishes to be a Math Professor one day.

He is learning so much from Alcumus (and from Thinkwell)
and to a much higher level than what is taught in normal courses.

He is advancing quickly.
He is now solving complex Geometry problems.

I can't express how much this particular web site has
really helped inflame Alex's passion for Math.

It is a component of - The Art Of Problem Solving.

It is called Alcumus and it has separate categories of Math...
and it allows competition among the many thousands of participants.

It has multi-levels of difficulty (1-25) and has a ranking system in both...
levels achieved and accuracy percentage ranking.

It is also free!

Alex loves finishing up the night with a session of Alcumus.

It relaxes him before bedtime.

Alex recently corresponded with a 10 year old boy (one year younger than Alex) 
who also loves Math.

This particular boy is moving up the ranks on Alcumus in Pre-Algebra.

His mother had learned about Alex from my wife's blog (in Japanese). 

He loves Alcumus and he had deduced my son's profile name...
and his mother commented on my wife's blog and her son sent 
an E-mail to Alex.

Alex had just answered him yesterday.

Alex seems to have an E-Pal to share his love of math with...
and he gets to practice his composition skills at the same time  :)

By the time he has another year under his belt...
he could be serious competition for Alex.

Alex loves competition.

Alcumus provides a way for children to compete in a very valuable subject.

It is one of the reasons Alex wants to do Alcumus even more.
He wants to spend several hours a day on it... everyday.

Alcumus is a great way for children to develop a passion for Math.

In case you missed the link above  :)


  1. Love the mugs... I need to get them for my son!

    How nice that Alex has an e-pal. With Alex being such an exceptional child, it must be really difficult to find other kids with common interests.

    I'll have to check out Alcumus for my son... not sure he is up to that yet, but since it is free, there's no cost to look.

  2. Yes, Alex loves his mugs. He especially loves Alcumus. He looks forward to advancing his levels.


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