Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Clear Night - A New Beginning

Song:  A New Beginning

Group:  Future World Music

We sought out a neighborhood in Reno that had especially good 
Christmas light displays.

This particular house had 35,000 lights co-ordinated
by computer to a variety of music.

For video samples of the above house:

We stayed and watched the light and music show for quite a while.

A beautiful night out with my family.

Crisp clean air leads to...
 a clear head...
and a healed heart.

Soul cleansing completed.

A new beginning initiated.

My wife and I are looking at Alex's strengths and deficits as demonstrated by 
the results of his academy exam.

My wife is researching possible new avenues of teaching resources
and we are reformulating our lesson plans.

Now we have a greater idea of what is needed...
we now know which areas will demand greater focus.

In my next article, I shall go over the areas needing more attention...
and how we intend to achieve greater results through our modified lesson plans.


  1. Nothing like Christmas lights to make the spirits brighter. :)

  2. We now have a new short term objective and a renewed long term goal. We march! :)


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