Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alex On To The Final Phase - The Toughest Test Of Them All

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We hand delivered the application to the Davidson Academy with one day to spare.

The application review is the first phase of the cuts.

We got his acceptance E-mail to continue to the final phase...
the next day!

While we were elated...
we also know that the final phase will be the toughest testing
that Alex will have done so far.

It is an 8 hour long session of Math, Science, English Composition and Critical Reasoning.

He will also have to compose a formal essay on a topic given during the testing...
and then there is an Oral Board where they will be asking him questions 
designed to determine the depth of his drive, his ability to adapt to changing scenarios...
and his basic reasoning skills.

From that point, they will determine which children will be admitted to 
the Davidson Academy next year.

This has been our dream for Alex for years.

Should he not make it this year...
he will have to take, and have a high score on, his College Entrance Exams...
and we will have to re-apply and have him go through the testing again next year.

We have two weeks to prepare him for this...
his final phase of testing.

We took off this one day, today, to celebrate his surviving the first cut.

We decided to go to Lake Tahoe for the day
(a short one hour trip).

We were planning to take a Gondola up to the top of a mountain peak for 
panoramic views of Lake Tahoe.
However, today was too windy.  
The Gondola was closed due to the high winds.

We decided to just drive around the perimeter of Lake Tahoe and take pictures.

 Although Alex looks much older in this picture...
he just turned 11 years old a couple of weeks ago.

After seeing the whole lake...
we decided to eat at a Sushi Restaurant at South Lake Tahoe
(My wife, and I, got married here in South Lake Tahoe).

We, of course, love Japanese food.

 This is Alex's dessert...
Mochi Ice Cream...
Chocolate, Strawberry, and Mango.

Alex deserved this special day
as he has been doing such a great job.

We must now focus on his test in two weeks.
It is going to be a daily review and learning challenge.

This is going to be the greatest challenge he has ever faced.

It is now up to my wife, and I, to prepare Alex for battle.

We must polish his armor...
sharpen his sword...
ready his lance...
 mount him upon his great war horse
and ready him to slay the greatest dragon in the land.

To have even been considered by the Davidson Academy
to continue to the final phase is such a great honor.

Although, either way...
this opens up a whole new realm of serious effort.

Should he not make it...
it will be a solid year of College Entrance Exam...
and Davidson Academy testing preparation.

Should he make it...
it will be almost a solid year of studying before the next school year
in preparation for Alex to be worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder 
with some of the brightest youths in the nation.


  1. Congratulations to Alex for making it to the final phase! How nice to get that news the very next day after turning in the application.

    The final phase sounds extremely challenging. If I were in your shoes, I would be stressed out thinking about how close you are to realizing your dream, but how difficult the final ascent will be.

    I have fond memories of Tahoe from skiing there many years ago. It is still gorgeous.

    Best to all of you over the next two weeks!

  2. Thank you. Yes, I am actually a little queasy thinking about the coming challenge for Alex. His mother is prepping him right now. I will take over the prepping of him on certain subject matter later today (tag team - poor Alex :)

    Yes, as Lake Tahoe is only an hour away....we shall be going back often throughout the year.

    Thanks for the well I need to find something to calm my stomach :)

  3. Hopefully Alex is not feeling too much of the pressure himself. Perhaps it is easier on him than on the parents as he is the one in control of his destiny.

  4. Yes, it is strange. He always seems so calm before, and at, testing. I've tried to notice if he changes at all in behavior before as a result of stress...he doesn't seem to suffer from it. He has asked me why he should feel anxious before a test. I said he shouldn't (with relief). He only seems to worry if we, his parents, will be disappointed if he fails. We always tell him that we only get disappointed should he not prepare himself adequately first....that the performance depends not on the one test day...but on all the prior days of preparation.

    I think he has confidence in himself because he realizes that he is adequately prepared. It is always we, his parents, who suffer from pretest jitters...even though he is the one taking the test. However, as we have always prepared him...we know his potential. We also are so happy with his efforts toward excellence in his preparation...the results, we know, will come naturally...maybe not always...but very often.

    We also always have contingencies and a self correcting program. What we initially fail at simply becomes our new objective to conquer the next time.

  5. Thank you. It is beautiful country up here. I really love Nevada.


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