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Home Schooling - Part 9 of a 12 Part Book Review - Brain Rules - Rule 9

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SENSORY INTEGRATION - Stimulate More Of The Senses

For this article...I skipped through the first part of the chapter
to get at the portion that applies to parents.

The core of this chapter is that the more of our senses that are stimulated
during the learning experience...the better remembered they will be.

Rules For The Rest Of Us

The author included a researcher's summation of multimedia
presentation principles.

Instead of listing them all...I will summarize the best way of presentation
according to his empirical findings as the principles were repetitious
and superfluous as presented.

I will narrow it down to two basic principles:

1)  Students learn better when extraneous material is excluded rather than included
(and so the reason for my summary of the principles :)

The rule of simplicity applies to everything...
prioritize by function and results.

If it adds to the goal... include it...
if by including detracts from the goal...
leave it out.

2)  Students learn better from the utilization of more than one sense at a time...
such as auditory and visual.

This means that text next to a picture is inferior to
a narration of it with the picture.

Animation, and even better, interactive animation
with narration is better.

Use more of the senses at the same time...
particularly when the senses are representative of real life conditions.

Think simulators.
You can learn to fly with one.

Even without the motion of an expensive one...
put your child on a computer or video game console
with a flight simulator game or program...
he can learn how to fly a real one...
so long as it has the same flight controls as the real plane does (some do).

Chapter Summary

1)  We absorb information about an event through our senses...
disperse those signals to separate parts of the brain...
then reconstruct what happened, eventually perceiving
the event as a whole.

2)  The brain seems to rely partly on experience in deciding
 how to combine these signals...
 so, people may perceive the same event very differently
(and so, just one of the many reasons eye witness testimony is so inherently inaccurate).

3)  Our senses evolved to work together...
 which means we learn best if we
stimulate several senses at once.

4)  Smells have an unusual power to bring back memories.

I try to use our family outings to teach Alex applied lessons in science and in life.

Our camping vacations are also part natural classrooms.

Just some examples:

Alex's First Night Of Camping

Alex At California Caverns

Star Gazing And Alpine Lake

The world is our laboratory.

Supplement with real life examples where you can.

The same applies to lab work.

It involves Kinesthetic memory as well...
ah...another sense.

Most lab work also involves the sense of smell as well.

In the study of the electromagnetism...
don't just rely on texts...
have him build things...
such as electrical motors.

I will be doing many more such things with Alex in the future.

And while you are out there...
don't forget to utilize Inferential Learning through observational awareness...
and the teaching of new principles through directed conversation utilizing
the Socratic Method.

Inferential Learning

The Socratic Method Of Teaching

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