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Home Schooling - Part 10 of a 12 Part Book Review - Brain Rules - Rule 10

Song:  Kingdom Skies

Group:  Two Steps From Hell


VISION:  Vision Trumps All Other Senses

This chapter starts out with an example of vision trumping smell and taste.

An experiment was conducted using 54 professional wine tasters
who, in their profession, use particular words to describe the attributes 
of white wines and quite other ones for the description of red wines.

A group of brain researchers had conducted an experiment at the 
University of Bordeaux.

What they had done was to use a tasteless red dye to color 
a white wine unbeknownst to the 54 wine tasters. 

They then recorded their descriptions of the supposedly red wine 
(really a white one).

All of them used the descriptors reserved for red wines.

Their vision had overridden their smell and taste (taste is almost all smell).

Not only does vision override what is perceived...
most of what we remember is visual.

A picture is more vividly remembered and recalled than mere text.

The author goes on to explain that text and oral presentations alone are a far 
less efficient means of teaching than with visuals.

He cites that after an initial presentation and a lapse of 72 hours...
the retainment is on the order of 10% if it was presented orally only...
vs. 65% if a visual was used in, and in correlation with, the presentation.

Chapter Summary

1)  Vision is by far our most dominant sense...
 taking up half of our brain's resources.

2)  What we see is only what our brain tells us we see...
and it's not 100% accurate.

3)  We learn and remember best through pictures...
not just through written or spoken words.

need everything have a physical picture shown to 
effectively describe something?


The use of a very descriptive and colorful vocabulary
allows the listeners to make their own movie in their minds.

Is the use of a descriptive vocabulary the most efficient means?

No...and that is the point.

Where you can...include visuals.

That is one of the great things about on-line and video courses...
they are visually rich and are presented in a very interesting manner...
often times presented using humor or with great gusto and passion.

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