Saturday, November 5, 2011

Home Schooling - The Great Courses - How To Become A Superstar Student

Song:  Classical Gas

Artist:  Mason Williams

I had written an article on some of Alex's most effective courses...

for those of you who may like to see some of Alex's other courses.

I had also written a general article on The Great Courses
(A great DVD learning series)...

a great way to learn a variety of subjects by some of the top professors in the nation.

This article is on one particular course...

We had purchased this course for Alex and for us 
(to better help Alex).

It comes with a set of 3 DVDs as well as a course guidebook.

It was authored by the 2008 National Teacher Of The Year...
Professor Michael Geisen, M.A.

I must reiterate...
I get no sort of compensation for ANY of my recommendations.

I do this to help other parents help their children.

This is a breakdown of the 3 DVD set
( a total play time of 9 hours)

The Course Guidebook starts out explaining the nature of...
and about seven basic types of... Intelligence.

It goes through all the topics presented in the DVDs...
the course guidebook is a synopsis of the DVD for quick referencing.

It is best used for after viewing of the DVDs to key your mind to the important
things of which were pointed out and more fully explained in the DVDs.

Although this was written for College prep for High School Students...

I say it should be used from Elementary School.

The concepts are basic and apply to young students and to their parents
just as well. 

Of particular importance is the portion covering Critical Thinking.

This simply must be taught to Elementary School Students if they are to 
learn efficiently and effectively.

This series is especially valuable as it reinforces the need for...
 not only good study habits...
but in life organization to maximize the time spent studying
in a setting conducive to learning.

We have purchased a variety of courses from 

The Great Courses...

because they 
are just that...

great courses.

Alex has not only learned much from these various courses...
he loves them so much...on his last birthday...
he had requested a course from The Great Courses as a present.

why did I use the song - Classical Gas?

Because the fundamentals of learning are just that...


building blocks upon which all other knowledge is based.

 When your children have those... is a gas!


Don't tell me that saying is no longer used!  :)


  1. I enjoy learning about the educational resources that you write about from time to time. It's great to know that they exist.

    "Life is a gas" still seems hip to me, but then I am old enough to vaguely recall seeing Mason Williams on the Smothers Brothers tv show when I was a young child.

  2. Yes...I enjoy telling others of the things that really help Alex move forward in life. My wife does excellent research before ordering products. We are rarely disappointed. When Alex really likes the material...and demonstrates new is simply great.


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