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Home Schooling - Alex's Leisure Reading - The Handy Physics Answer Book

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Part of a great series of books about various disciplines of science.

This particular book may be had from Amazon for approximately $15.00.

Alex is reading it as one of his leisure reading books.  

He loves to just lie on the sofa or on his bed and just read 
through this book.

He is almost a third of the way through the 392 pages
of this very interesting and concisely written book on the various
components which make up that which is modern Physics.

The book is broken into 13 main chapters...
each of which is divided into subcategories of basic principles.

This book is a general outline of the science of Physics...
one designed to give a very basic overview of some of the major concepts.

1)  General - The basics

A description of Physics and the subdivisions of Physics.

2)  Movement - 

A description of some of the basic principles of motion...
including, but not limited to, Newton's three laws of motion...
Conservation of Momentum...Gravitational Interactions...etc.

3)  Work, Energy, and Simple Machines - 

A description of such principles as...
Conservation of Energy...Simple Machines such as...
Incline Planes...Pulleys...Levers...Gears...
Energy Production...etc.

4)  Objects At Rest - 

This Chapter discusses the notion of center of mass...
the basics of Tensional, Compressional, Torsional, and Shearing forces...
various structures and the designs made to handle the forces.

5)   Fluids - 

It covers Buoyancy, Hydraulics, Fluid Dynamics, and Pressures.

6)   Heat And Thermodynamics - 

This chapter covers the basic States Of Matter...
Heat Transfer...and the laws of Thermodynamics.

7)   Waves - 

It covers the properties of Waves through matter...
including Electromagnetic waves.

8)   Sound - 

Although it is a wave...
they thought it deserved a chapter all its own.

9)  Light - 

A more in-depth look at this component of the electromagnetic spectrum.

10)  Electricity - 

Another more in-depth look at this portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

11)  Magnetism, Electromagnetism, And Electronics - 

Our uses of these in our modern world.

12)  Modern Physics - 

Basic Elements of Matter...Quantum Physics...Nuclear Physics...etc.

13)  Deep Theories - 

The Grand Unified Theory...The Cosmos...Einstein's Theories.

This book is not designed to be one of a thorough lesson in each area...
but rather a very general overview so a child may know how each are interrelated 
and how they are used throughout our world.  The book gives real examples of how
we use this knowledge to our practical advantage.  Each subcategory is very succinct...
some only one paragraph in length.  

This makes it perfect for the elementary school student
to get a basic understanding of how we understand our world.

It makes for great leisure reading as it captures the child's imagination
without overloading his young mind with complicated formulas or a great
number of details.

This book lays out the basic tree of Physics knowledge to the branch level.

By providing a firm picture of Physics in his mind...
his hunger to explore the twigs and leaves of Physics is stimulated...
and his further exploration of the various branches will be in perspective.

Alex loves reading this book because it is light reading...
which makes it fun.

It is effortless learning of a very valuable subject.

Through the real to life examples...
the practicality and necessity of Applied Physics is brought to light.

In short...
Basic Physics made fun...
a firmer understanding of the world around your child...
for about $15.00.


  1. I was never very good at Physics... I think a book like this would have made it more interesting for me.

  2. This really is a very interesting book. It is a great introduction into Physics.


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