Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Times For Alex - Part 1 - Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum S.F.

Song:  Sweet Caroline

Artist:  Neil Diamond

I was about Alex's age when this song had come out on the radio.

It reminds me of a carefree time in the 1960s.

I had first gone to
 Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum
about this time.

We are on our way to Alex's first time to Ripley's.

My Father had taken our family here in San Francisco over 40 years ago.

I distinctly remember this particular floating water spigot 
and its continuously flowing water.

I remember how I was dumbfounded by this...
and of my father then explaining it to me.

I had fun doing the same thing with Alex.

I loved watching the gears in his head trying to engage...
to come up with a plausible explanation...
I finally told him.

He had the same reaction I had had some 40 yrs. prior
upon being told the answer
(The Homer Simpson type...Doh!).

There were various oddities and tremendous feats of patience
as demonstrated by large crafted pieces from numerous small objects.

There were also various optical illusions...
wax figures of unique humans...
and at the end...
they had a new attraction
(for an additional nominal fee)...
The Maze Of Mirrors.

Alex, and I, had especially enjoyed this attraction.

I laughed when Alex walked into a mirror thinking it was an open path...
until I had done the same thing near the end...
and my miscalculation was far worse.
Not only had I done it right at the exit...
where a lot of onlookers were waiting outside the attraction...
my watch had made contact with the mirror.

This, of course, made everyone look in my direction at the moment of contact

Here we are at the gift shop.

From here...we were going to go out for a nice dinner...
our first choice of restaurants was not to be...
we got in...
we sat down...
we couldn't order...
we had to leave
(nothing extraordinary...I will explain in part 2).

On our way home...
Alex said how much he had enjoyed our 
"mini vacation".

I love taking Alex out to see and experience
new things
(as all parents do).

Each trip is something that will stay with him 
as good times to remember fondly.


  1. Ripley's seems like the perfect place for Alex's analytical mind. Glad he enjoyed his "mini vacation."

  2. Yes...it was he who had asked to go there. He loves oddities.


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