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Scientific American's...
Ask The Experts

A collection of thought provoking questions...
in various disciplines of science...
answered and conceptualized by well known...
 and respected scientists in their field.

The various fields covered includes...

Astronomy and Cosmology...

Biology and Zoology...

Evolution, Anatomy and Physiology...

Chemistry and Earth Science....

Mathematics and Computers...


These fields are by no means covered to any great extent.

There are a few questions and answers for each...
however...they stimulate interest in each field.

A few sample questions:

How do scientists measure the weight of the earth?

Answered by:
Gregory A. Lysenga, Professor of Physics
Harvey Mudd College

What determines whether a substance is transparent?

Answered by:
Morton Tavel, Professor of Physics,
Vassar College

What is Antimatter?

Answered by:
R. Michael Barnett
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Helen R. Quinn
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

How do trees carry water from the soil around their roots to the leaves at the top?

Answered by:
Alan Dickman, Curriculum Director, Dept. of Biology
University of Oregon

What is the function of the human appendix?

Answered by:
Loren G. Martin, Professor of Physiology
Oklahoma State University

This is Alex's favorite leisure book right now.
He said he finds it very interesting.

He is just about done with it.

I had asked him what he liked about the book.

He said that he likes the question and answer format...
and how they explained everything in a clear and concise manner.

This is a perfect introductory book into the various disciplines 
of science.  

It lays a perfect discussion platform into various
experimental methodologies.

I will be asking him how he thinks the answers were arrived at...
and how he could construct an experiment to gather evidence
toward the resolution of the questions.

It is available from various book sources for about $10.00...
Also available on Kindle.

250 easy reading pages...
well worth the read.


  1. Interesting book. I think my son would enjoy it some day.

  2. is a very interesting book. Alex loved reading it.


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