Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home Schooling - iPad II - A Learning Tool For Alex

Song:  Save Them (Protect The Espers)

From:  Final Fantasy VI (III in USA)

Alex with an iPad at the Orthodontist's Office
(The Orthodontist had installed them on the treatment chairs).

He really loved it...my wife saw that it had many educational 
applications for Alex....so....

Alex excitedly opening his new iPad II.

It just arrived yesterday and my wife and Alex have been busy
loading applications to it.

The battery life is supposed to be very lengthly in play...
we still must see...although I can imagine it outlasting
his laptop.

Another strength of the iPad...
the pure number of applications available.

My wife has included SAT prep and Japanese practice...
among many other learning apps.

Alex can study on the go almost anywhere...
especially camping.

Alex enjoys studying on the road as he can use his time more 
efficiently...study and not get bored with the ride.

There are just so many educational applications that we just
couldn't pass up the opportunity for Alex to have a greater
variety of learning tools at his disposal.

He will also be able to download many books to it.

Please excuse the fast paced music on this page.

My aim is to give you the feeling that Alex had when
getting his new iPad II....
that and...

I am a hopeless Final Fantasy Fanatic.


  1. ^^
    I would often play Final Fantasy 10 years ago .
    Especially X = international edit !!!
    Story was perfect for me.

  2. Nobuo Uematsu is so tremendously creative with his music in the series. It was the music that made the gaming experience so memorable.

  3. You are making us very tempted to get an iPad for our son. We probably should have gotten it before our latest trip, but will almost certainly get one for our next one.

  4. It is really a great tool...I am sure you will like it...and Kai will love it.


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