Monday, August 29, 2011

Home Schooling - A Free Day For Alex

Song:  Only Good Times

Artists:  Keola and Kapono Beamer

I was so...


so deeply satisfied with the road...
and with the progress on it...
that Alex is walking.

He has shown such great improvement in everything.
I just had to mark it with a special day for Alex.

We started out by going to Roaring Railroad in Felton.

It is a steam locomotive on a track through the mountains and redwoods...
giving a beautiful and very scenic 1.5 hour trek in open air cars.

Alex likes trains...and forests.

I combined them here.

In this last picture...
the train is filling up with water before we start out.

The steam locomotive letting out steam to lower its pressure
 before refilling with water near the end of our journey.

At the end of our day at Roaring Railroads.

From here...
we traveled just over the next set of hills into Santa Cruz...
for the rest of the day.

Here we are at the Santa Cruz Pier.

We are looking down at the sea lions playing in the ocean.

We are on the eastern side of the pier while looking
at the Boardwalk in the distance...
our next destination.

A people friendly Pelican.

Alex on the boardwalk looking back at the pier.

We made our way down the boardwalk and arrived
at our first ride...
Logger's Revenge.

Alex laughed loudly when we hit the bottom of the trough...
and got splashed.

The fog started moving in on us as dusk came.

We had our fun at the Boardwalk...

time to go back to the pier to top off the evening
with a nice meal.

The Fire Fish - an excellent Pier restaurant.

The food and views were spectacular.

Alex playing on his iPad II.

He doesn't mind long drives as he always has
his iPad II, handheld game units, books and 
computer to keep him occupied.

I am watching him mature so quickly.
I only have so many more days of magic I can
give him before he spreads his wings.

this day was not about me or my feelings...
this day was Alex's.

He had earned a day of fun just for him...

Only Good Times.


  1. What a beautiful, full day of fun! And well deserved for Alex.

    The steam locomotive ride looks wonderful. I wish there was something like that around here!

  2. Yes...he had a great time. I have to research more places to take him. He really loves our outings....and I love taking him to new...exciting places.


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