Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Schooling - Algebra II Update

Song:  Serpent Trench

Orchestral Version:  Final Fantasy VI (III in US)

Alex is almost completely done with Algebra II from Thinkwell.

He had skipped over some of the easier things that he had already known.

He is now just cleaning up the last segment.

Solving Rational Inequalities

A bottle of Calpico (Yogurt drink) for Alex...
he was working hard and deserved a treat.

Alex is doing so well with his studies.

He gets up every morning and eats breakfast and then goes to
his study station (dining table) and self initiates his studies.

His mother has his class schedule written out and Alex completes
each course without being told. 

 His tests are recorded on the sites 
(Thinkwell for Math / Plato for most other subjects).

However...Alex lets his mother know when he has completed a test
so she may check it and go over the incorrect answers
until he understands where he had made the mistake...
and how to correct it.

He is also steadily improving his Alcumus ranking...he is now at 875.

He does his last formal study session from usually
11:30 PM till 12:30 AM with Alcumus.

He enjoys participating in the math competition for ranking
(Algebra / Counting and Probabilities / Number Theory ).

Alex really loves a scheduled lifestyle.

We shall be taking him on a Beach camping trip sometime soon.

He is looking forward to it...
he has more than earned a nice vacation.

I am so proud of his efforts in his studies...
not only academically...
but in his Physical and Musical training.

Pretty soon... I shall be putting up a video of 
Alex playing his first song on the Bamboo Alto Flute.

He learned the song to be played...
he is now refining the tone and timing.

In my next article...
I will cover some other courses Alex is learning 
(Basic Chemistry and Biology).


  1. Alex's intelligence is amazing, but it is his dedication that is most impressive. Kudos to him!

  2. Thank you...I am most grateful for his good attitude. We are being very careful to not burn him out by pushing...but by gently leading him forward with guided praise and encouragement. My wife is doing an excellent job supporting him academically...she is always available to guide him.

  3. I am also VERY grateful to the ABA program Alex had for a few years...35-40 hrs a week... in home therapy. They had made such a difference. The quantity of quality therapy at the right time in his life (early intervention - 3 yrs. old).

    We were so fortunate to have had this service. The quality of the staff was so great.


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