Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alex's Last Day Of Swimming - 25 Meters Non-Stop - Breast Stroke

I was taking Alex to the community pool twice a week for a little over
one month now.  The first few times, I got in with him and 
taught him the breast stroke.

He couldn't swim at all 
(Dog Paddling a few feet doesn't count)...
until a couple of weeks ago.

He did this on his last swim day of the season
(He went 3/4 of the way last week).

As School is starting in a few days...
the High School students will be using the pool...
no more for the public until next summer.

He now wants to go to the deep end
(I said maybe next year after demonstrating to me his skills...
and with me there swimming also).

Alex is making steady improvement through steady training...
in everything.

This lesson is far more important than any other...
steady progress through steady training or study...

The only limit is yourself.


  1. Congrats to Alex! It is nice to end the summer swimming on such a high note. It will leave him with a lot of confidence and provide anticipation for the future.

  2. Yes...thank you. Alex was proudly swimming. He is slowly getting coordinated throughout his body. He is able to do many things now...that he couldn't before.


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