Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Home Schooling - Free Night For Alex

Song:  Guantanamera

Group:  The Sandpipers

This song reminded me of when I was Alex's Age.

My father would take us to the Flea Market, or some other places
nearby, just for the fun of it.  

This song would often be playing on the radio as we drove down the road.

Although the Flea Market is still there...
all of the orchards and tomato fields are gone...
it is all now, the heart of Silicon Valley.

Whenever I drive in my old neighborhood...

I can still see, in my minds eye...
the old scenery.

I can still hear, in the mp3 player of the mind...
all of the old songs.

A local fun outlet for children to enjoy the night.

Alex has been doing well in his studies.

I asked him where he would like to go.

He picked this place.

We first went out to eat...
and then we went inside to enjoy the arcade for awhile...
then outside to enjoy the other activities...
we then finished up back inside.

He had fun going from machine to machine.

He hadn't been here since Kindergarten.

Although he had fun...
he likes camping the most.

We shall be going to Lake Alpine in a few days.

I think...
in the ling run...
it shall be the camping and the field trips 
that he will remember most.

We often play nice music while driving
to our destinations.

He will, later, associate these songs to his memories
and be able to look back with fondness.

It is all part of making the trips magic for him.

He will then wish to do the same for his children.

This is a sure way of multiplying pleasure in life...

your child's enjoyment...
the knowledge that he will remember those times...
your enjoyment from your child's enjoyment...
knowing that he will do the same for his children.

This is a long term project of happiness.

The special times you spend with your children...
the magic created by your planning...
ensuring good times in all aspects...
helps mold his future outlook and attitude.

The good times and memories
shall be remembered...


  1. With Alex so advanced academically, it is interesting to see that he enjoys some of the same leisure activities as other kids.

    Have fun at Lake Alpine. I'm sure you will create more fond memories.

  2. He is still a child in many respects...that is good. A child has purity of mind...an untarnished look upon the world. I know that in the future...I will have to point out some of the uglier sides of life, so he won't become a victim of certain types of people...but until then...I want him to fully enjoy his unspoiled view of the world...as he still sees it through the eyes of a child...as should be.

  3. Hello, Shiroi Tora. I write a comment on your blog for the first time.
    To have good memories in childhood makes the basis to live well in everyone's life, I think so. And the adults around a child--parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts or other poeple-- should make efforts to give him/her good experiences which are remembered as good childhood memories--they are evidences for him/her to believe that he/she was loved.
    I experienced a ill-treatment called "Neglect" in my childhood. It brings me anxious whether I have the permission to exist or not still now.. What I want is that all of children can believe that they are loved and valuable to exist.
    (I'm sorry if I write strange sentences in English!)

  4. Your English is perfectly understandable. I am sorry to hear about the neglect...just make sure once you have children...that you give them a life filled with good memories.

    Just remember that as an adult...you make your future...the past no longer controls you.

    It is good to hear from you. Keep up on your baking skills. I have high hopes for you!


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