Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home Schooling - Field Trip - Star Gazing And Lake Alpine

Song:  Come Saturday Morning

Group:  Sandpipers

Our camp site

After setting up camp...
we went to Bear Valley to see the stars.

Some amateur astronomers had set up 
telescopes and had given some interesting facts on 
the stars and constellations.

It was very beautiful up there...
the light breeze was just cool enough to really feel refreshing.
The night sky was cloudless and moonless...
the Milky Way was clearly visible...
as were countless numbers of stars.

It gave me the opportunity to show Alex how to judge direction 
by the stars
(Although, in general, you wouldn't travel the mountains
or forests by night...
you would be doing so in the desert).

We then drove back to our camp and turned in early.

Saturday Morning at Lake Alpine.

We ate at the Lodge and then rented a double Kayak.

Alex, and I, paddling on Lake Alpine.

We had gone around the lake and were coming in.

It was a spectacular view from the Kayak.

After paddling for a while...
I would dip both hands in the lake
and pour the refreshing water over my head.

The wind was just enough to give a cooling breeze...
the mountains and trees in the background added to 
make the paddling a pleasure.

I taught Alex how to paddle correctly...
and how to steer the Kayak.

During this trip...
I added basic cosmology lessons as we were driving.

He really enjoyed this day.

I told him our next camping trip will be beach camping...
he is looking forward to it.

It will give me an opportunity to explain to him about
the Coastal Redwoods and the Ocean currents.


  1. What a beautiful place to go camping. Sounds like another wonderful experience for Alex.

  2. Yes, he loved it. It was his first time in a small water craft. The only other time he has ever been on the water was on a San Francisco Bay Ferry. He loves the water.


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