Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Schooling - Field Trip - Alex At The Intel Museum

Song:  Midnight Cowboy

Original Composition:  John Barry

Rendition:  Paul Mauriat

Alex wanted to see the Intel Museum.

We made a day of it.

I stopped by to see my Mother and she went with us.

Intel is less than two miles from where I was raised as a child.

My father was working with Lockheed at the time (1966)
(We had come to this area from Japan - I was 6 yrs. old)

He ended up working at the Ames Research Facility (Blue Cube)
about 10 miles away from our, then, home.

Alex learned how Silicon Wafers are made into 
the brains of a modern computer.

Alex had fun with the hands on displays.

Alex loves technology.

There were many reactive displays to give an idea of 
relative sizes, speeds, and complexities of 
the various components involved in designing...
and of the operation of, a microchip.

My Mother (72 yrs. old) - Alex - me.

Alex on our way out of Intel.

Alex got to pick out some souvenirs.

We then went to a nearby Japanese Supermarket
and loaded up on some of our prized food items
that are hard to get where we live.

We usually come down here to stock up every few months.

Afterward...we went to my mother's house and had
Sashimi and Sushi.

Alex always loves our field trips.

As he does so well with his studies...
where ever Alex wants to go...
we usually go.

His mother usually makes it a fun time when
they get on the computer to research new places.

Alex doesn't particularly like Amusement Parks...
he would much rather go to museums 
and to places of great natural beauty...
especially if we are going to camp.

I like going to places where innovation is stressed.

I am, of course, attempting to implant the importance...
and direct correlation, of the acquisition and
application of intellectual growth and pursuits...
to that of success in possible future careers.

He knows the great importance of correct study habits...
of how extremely hard many children study...
and how he will have to compete with those...
from throughout the world...
who's sole function is to succeed in their
chosen discipline.


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Alex worked for Intel some day and came up with innovative new technology.

  2. Thanks...we can only dream and prepare.


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