Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Consistently Good Attitude + 100% Effort = Student Of The Month - Karate

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Alex's Karate Instructor had just instituted
a Student Of The Month program.

Alex was the first recipient. 

Alex hadn't known about the program or his award...
until he received it at the conclusion of one of his
Karate classes.

He was proud and very happy about it.

His Instructor said that Alex's consistent attendance, good attitude and effort
demonstrated during his training, warranted the award.

I was happy for him...
I was especially happy about his good attitude and his training ethics.

These are two very important attributes that martial arts training engender.

He received a trophy.

Alex really loves his training.

He looks forward to going and making progress.

He has gained quite more coordination since training in Karate.

Alex loves the structure and the discipline.

Through it, he has gained more than the physical...
through it, he has made large strides on his inward journey.

He is learning that through the external (body)...
he learns about the internal (inner self)...
and that through the mastery of his inner self...
he will realize mastery of his body.

I highly recommend Martial Arts for children...
especially those in the Autistic Spectrum.

It is through self knowledge
that they will gain an inner knowledge of others.


  1. Congratulations to Alex! I am sure that the discipline he is learning through karate has benefited him in many other ways.

  2. Yes...I've seen a lot of positive effects as a direct result of his taking Martial Arts.

    Everything Martial Arts teaches and stands for is so good for all children.


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